1966 — Milo K. McIver Park received its name in 1966 when the Oregon Highway Commission agreed to name the land after the man of the same name. The late McIver served on the Highway Commission for 12 years and was chairman for four years.

The 860 acres had been acquired in December 1965 at a cost of approximately $250,000.

1983 — 1982 Miss Estacada Diana Savage crowned Christy Weil as the 1983 Timber Festival Queen in what looks to be, judging from the photos, a Miss America-style pageant, complete with talents, swimsuits and tiaras.

1993 — Estacadans kept getting caught driving with suspended licenses, then “forgetting” to show up in court. Even though the city of Estacada was owed $92,000 in unpaid traffic citations dating back to 1987, the Estacada Municipal Court was politely sending violators warning letters to show up in court.

“These people we’re citing are already suspended,” said court clerk Linda Bagg. “We’re giving them a chance to come in.”

Should violators be silly enough to not show up for their court dates for a second time, the court would (reluctantly, it seems) find the violators guilty and increase their fine.

2003 — Plans for the construction of a new library were under way.

2012 — Even though the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) had the sole authority to set speeds on all roads in Oregon, the city of Estacada had reduced speed on the portion of the old highway that runs through downtown from 30 mph to 25. The speed reduction remained in place for 44 years.

ODOT discovered this state of affairs when a citizen complained.

“We let the city know that if someone got a ticket, they could argue in court that the limit was 30,” said Kathi McConnell of ODOT.

Upon receiving word from ODOT, the city of Estacada removed the 25 mph speed limit signs but filed an appeal to reduce the speed limit. The appeal likely would take several months, if not a year. Citizens were concerned as they had been asking the city to further reduce speed limits. But ODOT’s discovery forced the speed limits to be raised instead.

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