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Large aluminum deposits were discovered on the Harkenrider and Powell farms near Estacada and the area in general. The paper predicted that if the aluminum could be “economically mined” an aluminum manufacturing plant would come to Estacada.


A Clackamas County Sheriff, Paul McAllister had ordered Lieutenant Roy Reed to wire tap County Commissioner Ralph Groener’s phone. McAllister had apparently suspected Groener of illegal activity, but he didn’t offer any details. McAllister and Reed resigned and pleaded guilty to one charge each of conspiracy to wire tap.

They were each given five years of probation and each fined $2,500.


Lon Mabon, leader of the Oregon Citizens Alliance, paid a visit to Estacada to campaign for a “no special rights” anti-gay initiative on Estacada’s ballot.

He brought along the children’s books “Daddy’s Roommate” and “Heather Has Two Mommies” as props in his description of a “homosexual agenda.”

“To say that they don’t want to teach our kids that homosexuality is good and normal is simply a lie,” he said while showing pictures in “Daddy’s Roommate.” “It shows them sleeping together in the same bed. Was this before or after the act of sodomy?”

Clackamas County News Editor David Bates accused the Oregonian of always making Lon Mabon look like an gila monster. But his sympathy for Mabon ended there.

“In the OCA’s version of democracy, any personal discomfort created by proximity to those who are different for whatever reason — their politics, their religion, or their sexuality — provides justification for that discrimination. That isn’t how America works,” read an editorial written by Bates and publisher Bill James. “Once again, we’d like to thank Mr. Mabon for visiting Estacada last week. He gave local voters more than ample reason to vote no on Measure 3-1.”

Bates wrote in his “Bates & Pieces” column, “Not to beat a dead horse, here, but this newspaper several weeks ago offered to pay $100 to the first person who could tell us how Measure 3-1 protects children, since much of the rhetoric from the OCA camp suggests that it would. No takers so far...”

The paper was flooded with heated letters to the editor on the issue.

One man publicly came out in a letter to the editor, mentioning that he feared being beaten or even killed for doing so.

“The angrier you become, the more you sponsor and applaud hoodlum attacks against my person. That is why I need government protection from you! (And I thank God for government.) You fight for your right to speak, even if your words are false: (I welcome your rights) I am now fighting for the right to live, to be.”


The town was trying to decide where to build the new library.