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A local woman, Marie Fontana, sold her business and planned to relax and travel.

At her going-away party, “Elsie Hale outdid herself” with a poem she’d written in Fontana’s honor. Here’s her poem:

A nice little lady whose name is Marie

Had a little Gift Shop in our town.

Filled with lovely things to see

When we were looking ‘round.

We stopped in to talk

And we stopped in to buy,

And we stopped in and ate,

And do you wonder why?

‘Twas the friendly spirit

That Marie always had,

She would put on the coffee,

And make us feel glad.

We ate lots of pie,

And we ate lots of cake,

We forgot all our diets,

And MORE we would take.

We talked and we talked,

And we had lots of fun,

Then we’d hurry away

When the day was near done.

The gifts in the store

Were lovely to see

But the best one of all

Was “Little Marie.”

She is going away,

And has sold out her shop,

But the friends that she makes

Never will stop.

The things that we’re sending

Along with Marie,

Are, “Best wishes, Good Luck

and a “Happy Memory.”


Earlier in the month, thieves had stolen equipment from the Estacada High School storeroom.

But they must have had a guilty conscience because an anonymous caller phoned city hall to say that some of the stolen items could be found outside of City Hall. Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office deputies found most of the stolen items returned outside city hall.

In other headlines, a group of citizens had started a neighborhood watch program in order to decrease crime in the Wade Street neighborhood.

The group urged the city council to consider whether a city police department would provide better law enforcement services to Estacada than the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office.


A Clackamas County judge ruled that citizens should be allowed to vote on anti-gay initiative on Estacada’s September mail-in ballot, even though an Oregon state law which prohibited city’s from passing legislation that would single people out based on their sexual orientation would nullify the results of the election.

The American Civil Liberties Union planned to appeal the decision.


Estacada was feeling very glamorous what with scenes from Jacob Estes’ film “Mean Creek” being shot around town and equipment trailers and make-up trucks lining Fourth Avenue.