1983 — The paper ran a feature on members of the Arnett family and their Siberian huskies as they prepared for dog sledding season.

“It’s pretty insane,” said Linda Arnett. “But it’s a real family sport, and it forces you to enjoy the winter.”

Her daughter, Margie, had been racing sled dogs since age 4.

“But our dogs teach us patience, courage and trust — especially when you’re on a sled,” Margie said.

1993 — Estacada kicked off the holiday season with a Christmas parade down Main Street.

The paper offered this thought of the week from Mort Sahl: “The human race is faced with a cruel choice: work, or daytime television.”

2003 — The paper ran a feature on Rachel Fedewa, a former Estacada resident and Georgetown graduate student, living in Amman, Jordan.

Fedewa had earned a fellowship with the Emerging Markets Development Advisers Program, funded by the United States Agency for International Development.

Fedewa told the paper about adjusting to the dry weather, chaotic traffic, delicious food and hospitable culture of Jordan.

“I wasn’t really expecting that. It’s been a real joy to discover and benefit from Jordanians’ genuine warmth, incredible generosity, and endless hospitality,” Fedewa said.

“In the U.S. we can, for the most part, strike out on our own and make a name for ourselves,” she elaborated. “Here, you benefit from or carry the burden of your family name. The family, or tribe, is vastly more important than the individual.”

2012 — Sonja McCarty, Drug-free Estacada Families and Youth (DEFY) project coordinator and school board member, presented school administrators with a preliminary report compiled from two years’ worth of local Oregon Student Wellness survey results. The report had been prepared by the Community Systems Group.

Fifty-four percent of surveyed 11th-graders reported using alcohol within 30 days of the survey; 59 percent of 11th-graders reported peer disaproval of alcohol use.

From Estacada News files.

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