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Rats in toilets were apparently not an urban legend in 1994

by: ARCHIVE PHOTO - 1974: The magnificently attired Country Twilighters were set to play at the Shingle Mill Tavern 'In beautiful Estacada, Oregon.'


Gas theft was on the rise in Estacada. Police told the paper they were getting daily calls from citizens claiming gas had been siphoned or drained from their tanks. The paper warned that if the gas crisis persisted, gas thefts were expected to rise.


Pete Toscano’s insistence that a stop sign be installed at the intersection of Main and Sixth finally paid off. The City Council voted for the sign during a Jan. 5, 1984, council meeting.

“The vote ended a half-year-long controversy brought on by citizen Pete Toscano’s concern over driver and pedestrian safety,” the paper explained. “Tired of his dogged presence at meetings, outraged by an estimate for an engineering study, and faced with a petition carrying 177 signatures, the council voted 4-1 in favor of the sign.”


Aaaack, a woman found a live rat in her toilet.

City Public Works Superintendent Bill Strawn suspected there may have been as many as three underground rat colonies near Currin Street. City crews spent a week patching rat holes in sewer lines in that area.

The paper calmly explained that rats tunneled regularly into the city’s sewer lines and it wasn’t uncommon to see rats being flushed out of the system at the city’s waste water treatment plant.

In other news, tensions flared between City Councilor Sandy Pense and City Manager Shelley Jones. It wasn’t the first time.

A year earlier, Pense had asked the council to consider disciplinary action against Jones for undisclosed “misconduct.”

The council had decided Jones had done nothing wrong.

This time Pense took offense to Jones’ decision to give several employees the afternoon off before a three-day holiday weekend.

New Year’s Day fell on a Saturday that year, and city staff had New Year’s Eve off. So Jones allowed workers to go home early the workday before New Year’s Eve.

“We don’t have money in the city budget to give a holiday bonus,” Jones said. “So I decided that since it’s a slow week, nothing would be harmed by giving them a few extra hours with their families.”

Pense called for an executive session to discuss Jones’ management.

Pense declined to comment to the paper for the article, but said she would respond in writing later.

The paper reported that according to sources close to the city, Pense had been looking for ways to “get” selected officials ever since the council agreed in fall 1993 to not enforce the anti-gay initiative sponsored by the Oregon Citizens Alliance.

The paper offered this thought of the week from Plato: “Those who are too smart to engage in politics are punished by being governed by those who are dumber.”


Snow blanketed Estacada on New Year’s Day. One unlucky snowplow caught fire in the 3700 block of Snuffin Road.

The engine compartment and cab went up in flames, but luckily the driver safely escaped the fiery truck ... with his lunch.

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