1974: British med students get drunk for science

by: ARCHIVE PHOTO - 1984: Out-of-towners flocked to Faraday Lake for a day of fishing on a sunny weekend.


Medical students volunteered to get drunk for experiments conducted by Dr. Gaston Pawan of Middlesex Hospital in London.

Pawan found that one gets drunk more quickly when drinking whiskey and soda rather than straight whiskey. He claimed the bubbles were to blame.

Pawan suggested a large dose of ascorbic acid, Vitamin C and honey to remedy hangovers.


The Timber Festival Association was in serious financial trouble.

Certified Public Accountant Don Henry recommended the association consider filing for bankruptcy among other options. He called the association’s financial position “nearly hopeless.” The association was in the neighborhood of $30,000 to $40,000 in debt.


120,000 Oregonians became eligible for the new Oregon Health Plan.

Single people, couples and families that fell below the federal poverty line, but earned too much for welfare were eligible for the plan.

Healthcare providers in Clackamas County were swamped with new patients.

Dr. Gaylord Janzen, a local osteopath, discussed some kinks in the new system with the then Clackamas County News.

He was concerned that Oregon Health Plan patients wouldn’t know walking into an appointment whether their condition was covered, and he wouldn’t either until he examined them.

This could lead to some awkward moments when patients went to check out.

Nevertheless, Janzen was mostly in favor of the new plan.

“For those who have nothing, this is really a big deal,” he said. “The single parent who doesn’t have insurance; even if she doesn’t use it, just knowing it’s there is a big relief.”

In other news, the city council voted to give City Manager Shelley Jones a five percent raise after Councilor Sandy Pense publicly criticized her.

Jones had recently refuted Pense’s accusations during a lengthy presentation. She had also asked for the raise during the presentation.


Estacada welcomed U.S. Sen. Ron Wyden with a chocolate milkshake and a key to the city when he visited for a Town Hall meeting at the Estacada Community Center.

Wyden engaged in informal questions and answers, and according to News Editor Clinton Vining, a “fair amount of Bush Administration bashing.”

“I think a nation that’s willing to go out and spend $220 billion rebuilding Iraq should be able to do some rebuilding at home,” Wyden was quoted as saying.


In the aftermath of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting in which a gunman killed 26 people, including 20 children, in Newtown, Conn., Clackamas River Elementary launched a greeters program.

Through the program, visitors to the school in the mornings and at the end of the school day were likely to be met by volunteers wearing brightly colored vests along with a stop sign, a pile of visitor’s badges and a sign-in sheet at the school’s entrance.

“We don’t want a climate of fear, but we want safety while still having the school be inviting,” Johnson said. “A lot of people were eager to help and give up some of their time.”

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