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School board should focus on hiring superintendent

Hell hath no fury like a parent who is convinced a school district is harming a son’s or daughter’s ability to get a good education. We find no fault with that, because a good parent should be a child’s best and most fierce advocate.

So it’s gratifying to see involved parents who are actively challenging the Estacada School Board, asking — even demanding — that the board begin the task in earnest of devising a three- to five-year plan for schools.

These parent are rightfully concerned about the future configuration of schools — whether some will be closed and if all students will be centralized into Estacada.

But we also understand the dificult situation faced by the Estacada School Board. The board has resisted when asked to announce a long-term plan, but instead is putting its energy into the task of hiring a new superintendent.

We understand why the board has set that priority. The person who ultimately comes on board as superintendent should be a person with great vision and who is highly skilled in academics.

It’s the superintendent who should present options and propose a future heading that fosters student success; and it’s the board that should lead an examination — with publc involvement — of those proposals.

That’s the order of things.

Because the hiring decision on a new superintendent won’t be complete until this summer, it’s a pretty good bet that the district won’t make any plans for school closures and consolidations that will take effect next next fall. At least it shouldn’t.

The bottom line is this, we hope the parents keep the pressure on the school board to do the right thing for all students, but we also hope these parents show enough patience to let the board work this out.

Rushing the board to a conclusion — and usurping the role of superintendent — will only lead to poor decision making that will harm students, teachers and the community.

Job No.1 for this school board is to hire the brightest superintendent it can find, and then allow that person to chart a new course.

— Steve Brown, executive editor

Contract Publishing

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