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Estacada’s Seventh-day Adventist Church suffered at least $20,000 worth of fire damage. The greater portion of the sanctuary went up in flames. The cause was under investigation.


Following the February 1994 suicide of an Estacada 13-year-old, community members gathered to hear panel members discuss ways to prevent youth suicide.

The solemnity of the issue was even more pressing following the suicide of Nirvana front-man Kurt Cobain.

The panelists said communication between parents and children was key to identifying warning signs.


A jury awarded political activist Lloyd Marbet $500 in damages for an improper citizen’s arrest.

An Estacada/Clackamas River Area Chamber member had made a citizen’s arrest on Marbet when he refused to leave the Chamber’s Fourth of July event in Timber Park in 2002.

The Chamber had asked Marbet to leave when he said he was going to solicit petition signatures at the event.

A Chamber member placed a citizen’s arrest on him after he came into the park without paying, though the two sides disputed whether Marbet had tried to pay before entering the park.

He sued the Chamber member, the Chamber president and the Chamber.

Marbet asked for $200,000 in damages, $100,000 for emotional distress and $100,000 in punitive damages. He received $500.


Mayor Brent Dodrill returned to Estacada after a mission to Tibet with members of Estacada First Baptist Church.

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