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by: ARCHIVE PHOTO - 1974: Joe Barr demonstrates bullet making during Heritage Day at Eagle Creek School.


Once again, Estacada’s Clackamas County News had an informative, succinct and entertaining national news bulletin. Here are some highlights.

  • World Health Organization Director Dr. Halfdan Mahler predicted that 1975 would see its last case of smallpox. The last reported case of the disease was in Indonesia in 1972.

  • The Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a nationwide ban on the sale of firecrackers intended to go into effect in June 1974.

  • New Jersey became the first state to enact public financing for a gubernatorial election through the state’s general fund treasury.

    The Supermarket Institute in Dallas, Texas predicted that within two years the mechanical cash register would be “replaced with a computer with an electronic ‘eye’ that silently and quickly reads prices on groceries.”

  • The IRS received a letter from a man who wrote that guilt from cheating on his income tax was keeping him awake at night. He enclosed a check for $500 and promised to send the remaining balance if he still couldn’t sleep.


    As the Estacada School Board considered a blanket ban of screening R-rated films in the classroom throughout the district, the paper interviewed students to how they felt about the potential ban.

    Of the six quoted in the paper, none were in favor of the ban.

    “What movies do they make anymore that aren’t rated ‘R’? They’re all rated ‘R.’ They’re only showing it for our benefit so we’ll learn something,” said Mike Teel, an Estacada High School senior.

    “If it helps get the point across of what the teachers are trying to teach us, it’s all right,” said Greg Chianello, a senior.


    Estacada voters approved a $1.58 school construction bond. The five year bond would pay for repairs and expansion projects in the Estacada School District.

    The newspaper moved to an office in the mall on Highway 224.


    The Estacada City Council approved a developer’s plan to build 143 homes on Regan Hill.

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