Library Board grateful for foundation's support

On behalf of the Estacada Library Board, I would like to thank the Estacada Area Literary Foundation and its board of directors for its generous donation of $27,500, which will be used to pay for the construction of a new outdoor library sign.

The donation came from the Betty L. Baker Fund, which is administered by the Estacada Area Literary Foundation.

The mission of the Estacada Area Literary Foundation is to support and ensure excellence in literary pursuits for the benefit of the greater Estacada/Eagle Creek community. The directors of the foundation are Linda Arnett (President), Margie Arnett, Barbara Bartel, Adonica Greene, Lynne Kamerman and Anne Snow.

We also would like to express our appreciation to the following people. Estacada Library Board director, Earlene Marsh researched the different options that were available and reported this information to the board. David Bugni was the project coordinator and was responsible for writing the initial request for proposals as well as reviewing the bids that were submitted.

Father Robert Pallidino of St. Aloysius designed the calligraphy that will be used in the library’s name at the top of the electric LED sign.

Estacada Public Library Director Michele Kinnamon prioritized the sign on the library’s 2013-2018 strategic plan and encouraged the board to take on the task of getting it done at our August 2013 planning meeting.

The Estacada Library opened in its current location on Aug. 5, 2006, and an outside sign has long been one of our goals. A drawing of the sign is on display in the library on the Information Desk.

Additional artwork is being considered to be added to the sign and will be decided upon in 2015. It is anticipated that the sign will be completed sometime in August.

Estacada Library Board

Suzanne L. Sager, President

Janet K. Bowen, Vice President

Kraig Bartel, Treasurer

Earlean Marsh

Jane Troeh

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