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College bond is a wise investment

The November election will include a bond measure for Clackamas Community College. The CCC Board of Education referred the measure to the ballot at a special meeting July 16.

Our board strongly believes the projects supported by this bond measure would bring tremendous value to our community by allowing the college to expand job training and educational opportunities for students. We have worked hard to develop a proposal that responds to what the community and business need.

Through our two-year community-engagement process, Imagine Clackamas, we asked students, community members, business owners and staff for input on current and long-term education and workforce needs. We tested the responses we received in a scientific survey of our community.

The primary goal of this bond is to provide the services our students need to get job training or continue their education. This plan will allow us to do that without increasing the current bond tax rate. In addition, the college has secured $16 million in state matching grants that will support two projects, leveraging bond resources.

More than 30,000 students enroll in CCC courses each year. Many of these courses have a waiting list, which means that some students may face delays to classes they need. This bond measure would expand facilities and labs, allowing the college to add courses to meet student and work force demands.

Meeting those needs — affordable education that allows students to transfer to four-year colleges and universities and train for today’s job market — is a priority for us and our community. We believe that this is a good plan that will invest in our community and allow us to offer more programs without increasing tax rates.

Jane Reid

CCC Board of Education, Zone 6


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