Volunteers make Summer Celebration a success

Thank you to all the wonderful volunteers for making the 14th annual Estacada Summer Celebration, sponsored by the Estacada Area Arts Commission, another great success. Our city’s unique celebration is powered 100 percent by volunteers and is not possible without you.

  • Set-up/Décor, Bruce Whiting and Katinka Bryk — Joe Bogart, Peter Bush, Cherie Conner, Robert Diaz, Pat Dongvillo, Cole Eakin, Mara Eakin, Jerry Erickson, Cathy Fantz, Roger Fantz, Rob Gaskill, Alexa Glenn, Julio Gomez, Gary Guttridge, Pete Hamer, Tylor Hoeye, Ted Housen, Mariah Johnson, Roberta Jones, Tacy Jones, Tyler Kammeyer, Carol Kleps, Chris Kleps, Cherie Lingelbach, Michael Menzies, Jacob Otterson, Maddy Pritchett, Sheri Pritchett, Jane Reid, Travis Roundy, Tai Shibahara, Tim Shibahara, Jack Skycraft, Lynne Terhune, Scott Terhune, Athena Turner, Debbie Turner, Dell Turner, Limerick Turner, Erik Vasquez, Kyle Vincent, Gary Warkentin, Dennis Weber, Donna Weber, Kim Yoder and Raven Yoder.
  • Children’s Art Activities, Carol Kleps — Delaney Alves, Laura Armenta, Laurie Bailey, Kat Barrett, Malia Bento, Nina Bradford, Andrea Bugni, MaryAnn Bugni, Vince Bugni, Elaine Butler, Nancy Cogdill, Ron Cogdill, Howard Cohen, Clair Gabris, Marsha Gesinger, Susan Gardelius, Ryan Gordon, Bev Garzon, Am Griswold, Grace Hamilton, Lauren Herman, Isabella King-Leach, Michele Kinnamon, Brent Lawrence, Joan Lawrence, Cassy MacMurray, Earlean Marsh, Emily Myers, Giancarlo Newsome, Heather Newsome, Michele Peznecker, Julien Purvis, Lisa Purvis, Samantha Purvis, Stone Rathbun, Deborah Schmidt, Annie Sprague, KaeLee Syring, Betty Veveiros, Jennifer Walters, Terra Wilcoxson, Jordan Winthrop and Jessica Wheeler.
  • Grounds Crew, Kathy Jensen-Dawson — Alex Boom, Anthony Cauich, Irvin Coil, Rick Dawson, Sheila Logan and Erik Villatania.
  • Silent Art Auction, Lisa Brookshier — MaryLou Bigelow, Alexi Caba, Colleen Conley, Kimberley Conner, Sarah Davies, JoAnn Failor, Wendy Hammitt, Kara Kammers, Sheila Logan, Earlean Marsh, Emily Myers, Susie Tracy and Athena Turner.
  • Keeping the Peace, Grier Cundill - Joe Delazerda, Joseph Delazerda, Terri Dunn, Bill Patraw and Pam Sanchez.
  • Info Booth/Volunteer Check-in, Diane Housen and Debbie Turner — Vince Bugni, Rob Gaskill, Alexa Glenn, Mariah Johnson, Bonnie Longstreet and Ron Longstreet.
  • Special Touches — Jon Birchfield, Ellie Batson, Willow Batson and Nina Bradford.
  • Special thanks to Estacada High School National Honor Society and Timberlake Job Corps for their volunteers and Estacada Area Arts Commission, Philip Foster Farm, Clackamas River Basin Council, Skip-a-Week Quilt Club, YMCA, Estacada Public Library, Estacada Together, OrchEstraCada, McIver Park, and Estacada Development Association for providing art activities.
  • And a huge thank you to all the coordinators who work so hard throughout the year! Joseph Bogart, Lisa Brookshier, Katinka Bryk, Grier Cundill, Jerry Erickson, Kathy Erickson, Marian Gill, Alexa Glenn, Julie Hamer, Pete Hamer, Diane Housen, Kathy Jensen-Dawson, Carol Kleps, Cherie Lingelbach, Jane Reid and Bruce Whiting.
  • We would love to welcome anyone interested in bringing talents, skills and gumption to this remarkable event. The rewards are plentiful and there are many opportunities with varying levels of time commitment — something for everyone — so give us a call.

    Deborah Turner is volunteer coordinator for the Estacada Summer Celebration.

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