Two decades prior, the Community Center hosted an Easter-themed auction

ARCHIVE PHOTO - In 1987, Estacada Community Center director Louise Mahlum posed with a giant stuffed bunny, an auction prize to support operations at the center.


New titles at the Estacada library included "Danny Orlis and the Strange Forest Fires," "Atlas Shrugged" and "The Angry Mountain."

The Ripplebrook basketball team played a team of Job Corps staff members, "soundly trouncing them by an undisclosed score."


Newspaper Editor Ray Horn defended recent coverage of the findings of an investigation into the Estacada Police Department by the Oregon State Board of Police Standards and Training. Police Chief Bob Wiley and City Councilors Gordon Bigler and Robert Saunders thought the story was "jumping the gun" and that "certainly there must be some good news to report." "Newspapers can't have friends. That is to say that they can never play favorites nor can they keep everyone or anybody happy all of the time," Horn responded to

the comments in an editorial. "If we had failed to report on the report it would have been lazy and dishonest journalism."


Estacada Community Center director Louise Mahlum led an auction for a giant stuffed bunny. "The money will primarily help provide meals for seniors as well as other needed resources for the Center,"

The News reported. The auction would take place later in the month during one of the Center's lunches.


Residents of 300 Main stopped by Grace House to lead a sing-a-long. Participants sang "old favorites," with guitar accompaniment.


An evening with Academy Award winning actress Patty Duke was the top item at an auction for the Hood View Junior Academy in Boring. Estacada resident Marsha Naegeli-Moody had managed to score the item because of the connections she had. "I said to myself, 'Why can't we offer something really over the top? Why can't we get a big Hollywood star?" Naegeli-Moody told the Estacada News. "We can only achieve what we believe in life. So I said I believe we can get a star for our auction." The winner of the item would receive a flight for two to Spokane, Wash., to spend the evening having dinner with Duke and her husband Michael Pearce.


A young Estacada resident was the 911 Hero Medal of Honor. Devin Duke, 7, was honored for his efforts to help his late father. Two years prior, Devin had woken up to find his father unresponsive. When emergency responders arrived at the house, Devin figured out a way to let them in the house by standing on a chair to unlock a high lock on the front door. "I was really proud of him," Devin's grandmother said. "He used the resources that were available to him to do everything he could."

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