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Reid selected as Ford fellow


Is one of eight chosen statewide

Longtime Estacada resident Jane Reid has been named one of eight Ford Community Fellows throughout rural Oregon and Siskiyou County, California.

The Ford Family Foundation was established in 1957 by Kenneth and Hallie Ford. Its mission is defined as “successful citizens and vital rural community,” and the foundation is located in Roseburg, with a scholarship office in Eugene.

Joyce Akse, director of the Ford Institute for Community Building, said the foundation focuses on rural communities and areas with less population.

“We’re always looking for leaders and people who are stepping up in communities to volunteer and really give back to the communities they live in,” she said. “The fellows are people who are known through our leadership classes or other means to be doing that.”

Reid certainly fits that description. She has lived in Estacada for 36 years and has spent much of that time participating in community activities.

Those activities include being a founding member and current chair of the Estacada Area Arts Commission, the vice-president of Estacada Together, secretary of the Clackamas County Arts Alliance, a founding member of the Clackamas Culture Coalition, a member of the Clackamas Community College board of education, an ASPIRE mentor, a member of the local Adopt-a-Family program and coordinator of the Powerhouse Project.

“I love our small town and the wonderful, diverse friendships we have developed over the years,” Reid said.

More recently, Reid became a graduate of the first group of Estacada’s Ford Institute Leadership Program. She attended a conference of communities put on by the institute, and was selected to be a Ford community ambassador.

“This is such an amazing opportunity to focus and deepen my work in the community,” Reid said. “Many of the organizations and projects with which I am involved are at interesting points in their evolution and I am excited about learning ways to contribute to their growth and change.”

Reid and her husband, Gary, are empty nesters, as their sons Will and Matt have both graduated from college and began careers in chemistry and manufacturing. The couple lives in the house they’ve been rebuilding for more than 30 years.

Gary is a retired engineer who now spends his time creating tiles and frames as an art form.

Akse said Reid exemplifies the spirit of the institute and its efforts.

“She’s fairly new into the leadership program but has already asserted herself as a fine leader and someone with a tremendous commitment to the Estacada area,” Akse said. “We’re seeing things become stronger and more vital there in the community, and we wanted to recognize that and encourage her to do what she’s doing.”

For more information about the foundation, please go to www.tfff.org.