If 12-year-old Skyler Winters were mayor of Estacada, he’d bring a Wal-Mart to town.

“I thought about what we had back at my old house in Salt Lake City and the things that made it successful,” he said of his “If I were mayor” ISABEL GAUTSCHI - Estacada's elementary 'If I were mayor' poster contest winner Skyler Winters (right) has lunch at the Cazadero Inn with his friend Ben Ranes and Mayor Brent Dodrill.

Of the Wal-Mart suggestion he said, “I think it would bring more jobs to Estacada.”

Winters was the Estacada elementary school winner of the “If I were a mayor” contest.

His whole class made posters as an assignment, but his teacher suggested Winters submit his for the contest.

On it he wrote: “If I were mayor, I would listen to everyone and try to be as great a mayor as (former) Mayor Becky. I would try to make everyone happy. I would build a Wal-Mart and other stores that would make more jobs for good working people to help support their families. I would also hire more police officers to help crime go down so Estacada could be a safer place. I’d buy a tub of ice cream for every family in town.”

That poster earned him lunch with the mayor.

He decided to bring his friend, Ben Ranes, though neither of them “liked the thought of dressing up.”

However, while lunching at the Cazadero Inn, he was soon comfortable enough to press Mayor Dodrill on why Estacada doesn’t have a public pool.

Dodrill explained that building a pool would cost more money than it would bring in, so the city had decided on a skate park instead.

“It was kind of new, it was definitely something I never thought I’d do so it was kind of exciting and exhilarating,” Winters said of his lunch with the mayor.

As part of his prize, Winters will help lead the City Council meeting on July 8.

His poster also will be submitted for the state “If I were a mayor” competition.

Winters will be a sixth-grader at Clackamas River Elementary next fall.

by: ISABEL GAUTSCHI - Estacada High School's 'If I were mayor' powerpoint winner, Josiah Shaver (left), lunches with his brother, Jehu Shaver, and Mayor Brent Dodrill at Wong's King Chinese Restaurant.Josiah Shaver decided to enter the high school “If I were a mayor” contest when in the lunch line one day as he heard Principal Scott Sullivan talking about it.

When he heard the first prize was a laptop, he knew he had to enter.

He set to making a colorful Powerpoint right away.

Among several things he would do as mayor, he would combat drug use in Estacada, promote education and continue his own studies, “...especially in writing, government, legislation, administration and history because those who do not know the past are bound to repeat it.”

Dodrill is Shaver’s pastor, so he wasn’t nervous to have lunch with him.

“It was a lot less formal than I thought it would be. We kind of just chatted and ate. It was really fun.”

Shaver, who is considering becoming a judge, was excited to learn that he gets to bang the gavel at the start of the City Council meeting on June 24.

“That sounds pretty fun,” he said.

Shaver will be a junior at Estacada High School in the fall.

“I had a really good time with both of the young men,” Dodrill said.

He said he had explained to Shaver and Winters that “it’s certainly not the mayor who calls all the shots.”

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