In order to commemorate the 100th birthday of poet William Stafford, the Sandy Public Library will host a film screening, poetry reading and discussion on Friday, May 16.

The event, which will be held from 7-9 p.m. at the library, 38980 Proctor Blvd., will be hosted by fellow Oregon author Stevan Allred.

“Encourage people to bring their beloved Stafford poems, or Stafford poems they don’t quite get, or Stafford poems that make them feel happy, or sad, or inspired, or anything,” said Allred, author of “A Simplified Map of the Real World.” “The man published over 3000 poems in his lifetime, a phenomenal number. He truly is the people’s poet.”

The library will present the film “Every War Has Two Losers,”a film based on the poet’s journals, produced in 2009, and a reading of Stafford’s most recently released short book, “The Osage Orange Tree.”

Born in 1914, Stafford was a strong peace advocate. He moved to Oregon in 1948 to teach at Lewis and Clark College.

Stafford’s first book of poetry wasn’t published until he was 46 years old, but he still produced 67 volumes before his death in 1993.

The event to celebrate the poet will be held in the community room of the library. Snacks — including carrot cake, a favorite of Stafford’s — and beverages will be served.

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