From 6:30-8 p.m. Aug. 4, at the Estacada library, Pressman will teach a class on creating sauces

CONTRIBUTED PHOTO: COREY PRESSMAN - Corey Pressman will teach a cooking class called Saucy Wine  at the Estacada Public Library on Friday, Aug. 4. Pressman is the force behind mobile kitchen Fat.Salt.Love.

Corey Pressman wants to encourage people to consider cooking an act of love.

The chef and proprietor of mobile kitchen Fat.Salt.Love. described preparing a meal for friends and family as "the best smelling way to let someone know you love them."

From 6:30-8 p.m. Friday, Aug. 4, at the Estacada Public Library, Pressman will teach a class focused on creating sauces. Fittingly, the event is titled "Saucy Wine," and a glass of wine will be available to participants at the free event as they make — and taste — three different types of sauces.

Pressman thinks the theme is fitting for summer, which is often a time of grilled foods.

"Sauces are essential to grilled foods," he said. "When something is grilled, it needs something that brings a bright note."

Pressman noted that sauces have a long established place in the cooking tradition.

"The ancient Romans were very fond of sauce," he said.

The class at the Estacada library will focus on chimichurri, romanesco and labneh sauces, which come from three cultures and offer a variety of different tastes. Chimichurri is a sauce that originated in Argentina and features paisley, oregano and red pepper; romesco is a Spanish sauce with roasted red pepper, nuts, paprika and lemon juice; and labneh sauce has origins in Turkey and Greece and features a cheesy yogurt base.

The sauces go well on a variety of meat, fish and vegetables.

"(The labneh sauce) is a joy on carrots and lamb sliders," Pressman said, discussing the possibilities presented by the sauces.

Pressman founded Fat.Salt.Love. five years ago and teaches cooking classes around the Portland region. He also appears monthly during a cooking segment on KATU.

His background is in anthropology, but he decided to pursue culinary arts after having "a magical food experience" that inspired him to see cooking as an act of love.

Pressman believes cooking is an essential part of the human experience.

"Humans have cooked for one another since the beginning," he said. "I want to share the message that it belongs in your home and heart, and that it's a way to tell people we love (them)."

He encouraged those who wish to pick up cooking to not be discouraged by the skills of professionals.

"That would be like not driving because there are Nascar drivers out there," Pressman said.

His hope for his classes is that they "give people permission to cook."

"It's empowerment," he said. "I love seeing them enjoy it. (Cooking is) a fun thing that people have been doing since forever. It belongs to you."

If you go

What: "Saucy Wine" class, with chef Corey Pressman of Fat.Salt.Love.

When: 6:30-8 p.m. Friday, Aug. 4.

Where: Estacada Public Library, 825 N.W. Wade St.

Cost: Free.

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