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Wife of Hillsboro cop solicits support for Lisa Cannon


Alana Ambrose sets up bank fund to aid Forest Grove Family in wake of former officers arrest

A longtime friend of Lisa Cannon has stepped forward to help her and her children cope with the aftermath of the arrest of her husband, Timothy Cannon, a former Hillsboro police officer.

Cannon was off-duty on Jan. 20 when Lisa Cannon called 911 to report a domestic disturbance. The response turned into an armed confrontation in the Cannons’ Forest Grove home. Numerous shots were fired before Timothy Cannon was arrested and charged with attempted aggravated murder.

He resigned from the police department Jan. 22.

The friend, Alana Ambrose, knows Lisa Cannon because her husband, Vin Ambrose, has worked for the Hillsboro Police Department for more than 20 years. She has started a fund at Bank of the West to help Lisa and her two children. It is called “Lisa Cannon Supporters.”

“I am heartbroken over this incident. But, I am so happy to step up and manage all volunteer activities in support of Lisa and her young children," said Ambrose. "They have been displaced from their home, which sustained some significant damage during the incident. Lisa can no longer come home at night to her husband; so many things have been lost.

"Not only must repairs and cleaning be completed before they can go back in, (but) there will be many other increased expenses ahead considering the likely loss of income from Tim Cannon's change of status at Hillsboro Police,” Ambrose added.

Without speculating about what happened that night, Ambrose said, “As wives of police officers know, there are many challenges when one is married to someone in law enforcement. It helps to have friends that share that type of commonality. It creates a special type of bond, a bond that I never knew before I married a police officer.

"Being the wives of police officers from the same agency, Lisa and I have been friends for some time. Many law enforcement wives share this type of bond, a unique and special type of friendship.”

Lisa Cannon works for the Forest grove Police Department. Ambrose said she would be the first to help someone in her situation.

“Lisa is a wonderful, kind and thoughtful person. She is the most polite person I have ever known. If something like this happened to me, she would be the first to help,” said Ambrose.

Information about how to donate to the family can be found by contacting Alana Ambrose at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..