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    Rebecca Jaklich of Forest Grove sent in this photo of her daughter, Brynn, and her pet robo hamster. Brynn says, "He is very kind and cute. His name is Colton. He runs very fast — so fast, we cannot even see him." Jaklich's son, Riah, chimes in about his hamster (not pictured): "He is too fast, waaay too fast for a little guy. His name is Haste-o-speedy." The kids like to make play areas for the hamsters in boxes, using bedding material, smaller cardboard boxes and tubes, as well as egg cartons. For being selected for this week's Critter Corner, Jacques' owner gets a $25 custom framing gift certificate at A Framer’s Touch (AFT), 1910 21st Ave., in Forest Grove. Stop by and see how your favorite pet, family or vacation photo looks in a new frame.