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Latina poets read their work at Pacific after class in Spanish literature

A collaboration between Pacific University and Forest Grove nonprofit Adelante Mujeres met a poetic end May 8, when students in Pacific's Center for Gender Equity's Bridge Program shared samples of their work — completed in Mariana Valenzuela's Spanish literature class on campus — with the public.

After reading from their original works, students also received a certificate of completion.

Here's a poem by Eva Gomez:


Por Eva Gómez

Mis piececitos de niña,

Azulados de fría,

Descalzos andaban,

¡Oh, Dios mío!

Piececitos de niña,

Dos jollitas sufrientes

Caminando sobre espinas

Sin importarle a la gente.

¡Mis piececitos cansados,

Heridos y ultrajados,

Teñidos y enlodados!

Donde pisaban,

Mis piececitos sangrantes,

Las flores crecían

Más hermosas y fragrantes.

Tropezando por el monte

Corriendo asustados,

Caminando en el agua

Y cruzando alambrados.

Mis pequeños piececitos

Ahora viven emocionados

De tener tantas calcetas

Y gozar de buen calzado.

Mis pequeños piececitos

Se volvieron delicados

No caminan sin zapatos

Y quieren ser perfumados.


By Eva Gómez

My little girl feet,

Blue with cold,

Walking barefoot,

My God!

Little girl feet,

Two suffering gems,

Walking over thorns

Not important to anyone.

My tired little feet,

Hurt and abused,

Colored and filthy!

Where they stepped,

My little bloody feet,

The flowers grew

More beautiful and fragrant.

Tripping around the hill,

Running scared,

Walking in the water

And crossing wire fences.

My little feet

Now live, excited,

From having so many socks

And enjoying fine footwear.

My small little feet

Have turned delicate

They don’t walk without shoes

And want to be perfumed.

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