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Forest Grove

May 26

n A resident on 15th Avenue called police after they noticed the neighborhood dog-sitter chasing a dog around the neighborhood.

n A caller on Willamina Avenue said a motorist made a hand gesture indicating he had a gun under his seat after the caller raised his hand up to indicate to the driver that he was traveling too fast.

n While on a walk, a citizen reported overhearing a female tell a man in Spanish that she was having a heart attack and was bleeding from the gut. The citizen heard the man reply in Spanish that they did not have insurance and he needed to finish the job he was working on. Officers checked on the two subjects, who both said they were fine. The female denied suffering from any medical problems and appeared fine. They also had health insurance. The citizen who made the report acknowledged they were not fluent in the Spanish language.

n A man on Maple Street called to report that there was a family riding quads in the area of the railroad tracks. The caller was not concerned about any potential violations, but rather was jealous because he wanted to ride the quads.

May 27

n A man called Forest Grove Police to complain that his son got a ticket from a Beaverton police officer for expired tags on a car he just bought.  

n A man called police because he suspected either his sister or her boyfriend put something in his gas tank that made his car stop running. He wanted police to test his gas tank, but officers advised him to take his car to a mechanic first.

n Officers responded to a report that a baby had been crying for more than an hour at a 22nd Avenue residence. Officers did not hear anything even after standing outside the door for some time. Officers were familiar with the residence and knew that the occupants were new parents.

n Officers were called to check on a man lying on the sidewalk. Officers contacted the subject who was waiting for a ride to Portland and was just tired.

May 28

n A man tilling his garden on 16th Avenue was surprised to find an old hand grenade. Officers responded, secured the area and called the Portland Police Bureau Bomb Squad for assistance. After several x-rays of the device, authorities determined the grenade to be inert. They estimated the grenade to be approximately 50 years old.

n A man called police after he learned his daughter charged nearly $14,000 to his credit card without permission.

n A resident on Covey Run Drive was alarmed by glass breaking in the garage followed by a clicking noise. Officers responded and checked the garage for an intruder. They instead found a box of dishes that had fallen off a shelf onto a toy fire truck. The battery- operated fire truck was making the clicking noise.

May 29

n A mother called police after her 17-year-old son sent her odd and non-specific threats by text.

n Multiple reports were taken on thefts of potted plants. Police made an arrest in these cases.

n A citizen reported that a driver texting behind the wheel hit a mailbox on Gales Creek Road near Forest Gale Drive then took off. Officers searched the area but found no damaged mailbox and could not reach the caller for additional information.

n A woman came into the lobby to report that several 5- to 6-year-old children threw pine cones at her.   

May 30

n A citizen called police after receiving harassing Facebook messages.

n Police responded to an address after a subject with mental health issues began acting out and punching holes in walls.

n A man called police to report that his friend stole a padlock on his gate. Police contacted the friend, who denied stealing the padlock but simply threw it at the caller’s pit bull when it charged at him. Both subjects were intoxicated during police contact.

May 31

n An elderly woman came into the police station lobby to turn in a revolver because she was preparing to move to a care facility. After inadvertently pointing the weapon at a records specialist and requesting a “good looking officer” to hand the gun to, police personnel learned the gun was loaded. The woman was disarmed and officers assisted her safely unloading the weapon.

n An officer stopped a vehicle on Pacific Avenue near Council Street after receiving a report that a driver was driving on the curb and swerving back and forth in the roadway. Officers determined the man was intoxicated when he blew a .17 percent blood-alcohol content.

n An officer stopped a car for speeding on 22nd Avenue and arrested the driver after noticing signs of intoxication. The man later blew .10 percent blood-alcohol content.

n A witness reported seeing a juvenile shatter an apartment complex light on Kappel Lane. Officers responded and found the subject who ran after seeing the police. Officers requested a tracking dog, which found the subject hiding at an apartment on 22nd Avenue. The juvenile was under the influence of Psilocybin mushrooms and admitted to breaking the light.  

n Officers responded to an accident near E Street and 23rd Avenue. A driver crashed the vehicle into a tree. They arrested the driver for DUII. 

June 1

n A man was arrested at Safeway for standing in the beer aisle drinking beer from the shelf in front of a surveillance camera. The man denied it even though he was filmed doing it. He was taken to jail for theft.

n Police checked a man on Pacific Avenue after he called 911 and would only say “hello.” Officers found him intoxicated and dehydrated from lying out in the sun for an undetermined amount time. He was transported to the hospital.

n An intoxicated tenant on Pacific Avenue called to ask police to kick out his intoxicated roommate. Another upset tenant on Sunset Drive called to report her roommate for assault after being “bumped” with the vacuum.

n An employee at McDonalds called police reporting that female drivers of two vehicles in the drive-through were about to fight. Officers arrived to find one driver intoxicated. While there, officers were told of another extremely intoxicated female in another part of the parking lot. While dealing with her, the officer was nearly hit by yet another vehicle in the drive-through being driven by a female who was also extremely intoxicated. Oregon State Police assisted with the multiple incidents in the lot. Two females were arrested for DUII and a third was taken to a detoxification facility.  


May 28

n Six juveniles were trespassed from Harleman Park after a citizen reported the juveniles were damaging city property. Officers determined that no property was damaged, but the juveniles had moved picnic tables and park equipment in violation of park rules. The juveniles had been previously warned.

n A resident in the 1400 block of S. Heather Street reported finding a ladder against the neighbor’s house and a window screen partially open. The complainant said the homeowner was out of town. Officers checked the house and found it secure and found no sign of entry. The ladder apparently belongs to the residents of the home.

n Officers were called to a residence in the 300 block of North Seventh Avenue on a report of a domestic disturbance between a mother and her 25-year-old daughter and her boyfriend. The parties had separated before officers arrived. Officers determined that no crime occurred. The daughter and boyfriend left voluntarily.

May 30

n Officers arrested a woman at a business in the 200 block of North Adair Street. Loss prevention employees stopped her for shoplifting more than $300 in merchandise. All merchandise was recovered.

May 31

n Officers were called to a noise disturbance in the 500 block of South Fawn Street where they found a large party and live band playing outside. The music could be heard from several blocks away. Officers informed the subjects of the city ordinance. The band failed to heed warnings from officers and resumed their loud music while officers were still at the location. The renter of the residence was issued a $250 citation for violation of the city noise ordinance. Officers were also dispatched to the 2500 block of North Lambert Street, where they contacted some males in the backyard of a residence. The males were advised of the city noise ordinance and turned the music down. No citations were issued.

n A driver was stopped for going 20 miles over the speed limit. Officers arrested the driver for DUII.

June 2

n Cornelius Garbage Disposal staff reported that a known suspect was dumping their home garbage in garbage cans at two Cornelius parks over a period of several days. Officers made contact with the suspect who agreed to pay Cornelius Disposal for the services.

n A citizen reported hearing gunshots in the area of the 1500 block of South Dogwood Street. Officers made contact with two different neighbors in the area who stated that the noises were from fireworks not gunshots. Officers made an area check and did not locate any evidence of gunfire.