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June 10

n A man called police to complain about a neighbor parking his car on the street in front of his house. Police informed the man that the parking area in front of his home is a public street.

n A man came into the police station lobby with 40 knives that belonged to his deceased brother and asked the department to dispose of them.

n A neighbor on 16th Place called to complain that a neighbor child’s bike ramp was touching part of their property.

June 11

n Officers responded to an injury traffic crash at Highway 47 and Fernhill Road.

n A woman called police to report her baby’s daddy stole her state food card. The investigation is continuing.

n A man called police to assist him in retrieving his children’s soccer ball that ended up in a neighbor’s yard. The neighbor threatened to sue the man if it happens again and if their chickens are harmed as a result.

n An officer arrested a man for DUII after stopping him in the 2600 block of Pacific Avenue. The man was lodged at the Washington County Jail.

June 12

n Police responded to a convenience store regarding the theft of two energy drinks.

n Police received a call about an injured bird in the backyard of a residence. Apparently other birds were swooping down and attacking a dog. Police provided the resident with contact information for appropriate resources.

n A traffic stop resulted in an arrest for possession of marijuana and cocaine. The subject was subsequently lodged at the Washington County Jail.

June 13

n An officer pushed a person in a wheelchair home after the chair ran out of power.

n A resident found what he thought might be a blasting cap in some bark dust and brought it to the police station. It was in fact a blasting cap, and Portland Explosive Ordnance Disposal staff came out and disposed of it.

June 14

n A caller told police he was at Fernhill Wetlands with a hurt shoulder. He was transported to a local hospital by ambulance and treated.

n Officers investigated a report of road rage in the 1400 block of Willamina Avenue. The offended driver followed the other vehicle to a residence in an attempt to get the license plate number of the vehicle. Officers contacted the other driver and discussed proper driving etiquette.

June 15

n Officers observed a moving truck traveling at a high rate of speed at Martin Road and Highway 47. Officers stopped the vehicle and found bark dust mulch that had been stolen from a local store. Additionally, drugs were located during the contact and both occupants were subsequently lodged at the Washington County Jail on theft and drug charges.

June 16

n A resident in the 1600 block of Elm Street reported that someone siphoned gas from his vehicle.

n Officers responded to a traffic crash at Highway 47 and Elm Street. One party was transported by ambulance with non-life threatening injuries and the other was cited for a traffic violation.


June 3

n A vehicle was stopped for a traffic violation and officers found marijuana and drug paraphernalia. The passenger was cited for possession of less than ounce of marijuana.

n Officers took a hit and run report. The reporting party stated an unknown person hit their vehicle while it was parked at work.

n Officers responded to a criminal trespass complaint. Reportedly, while the complainant was in the hospital, there were several people camping in his front yard. Officers spoke with all parties involved, advising an adult male and female they were not to be on the premises.

n Officers found an abandoned vehicle with the hood up, a black latex glove on the ground near the passenger door, a hat sitting on driver seat, a GPS hanging from window, a cell phone and an mp3 player sitting near the automatic shifter, two bags in the back seat, and a black Nike glove. Upon investigation, officers determined the car was a stolen vehicle.

n Officers found a vehicle parked in a residence driveway late at night with the passenger side rear door wide open. The front passenger side was ajar and the glove box was open but there were no visible signs of apparent damage. Officers made attempts to contact the owner and residents. The vehicle was secured.

June 4

n A person reported that sometime during the last week, someone scratched the length of his vehicle, causing more than $2,000 in damage.

n Officers responded to a report of a stolen vehicle. The owner’s son reportedly let a friend borrow the vehicle, but it was not returned. Before the owner could file the report, the vehicle was returned and the owner decided not to file the report.

n Officers responded to a residence because the owner reported someone entered their garage through the open garage door and stole $60 dollars worth of tools.

n Officers responded to a non-injury motor vehicle accident at Tualatin Valley Highway and 345th Avenue involving a single vehicle. The vehicle drifted across their lane and collided with the barrier, and had to be towed.

June 5

n Officers responded to a residence on a report of a domestic disturbance involving a male and female, but determined there was no crime. They agreed to stay away from each other and one of them would leave the residence.

n Officers interrupted a car break-in. The man took off running and was later caught. He was detained and later arrested for several charges of unauthorized entry of a motor vehicle and theft following an investigation that involved numerous vehicles during the last 24 hours.

June 6

n Officers took a report of a stolen 20-foot extension ladder taken sometime in the last few days from the resident’s yard when it was leaning against their house.

n Officers responded to a road rage incident that turned into a motor vehicle crash reported by several callers. Officers arrived at the location and were unable to find any signs of a crash.

n Officers took a report of gang graffiti that was painted on a power box near the intersection of Baseline Street and 11th Avenue.

n An officer took a fraud report when an adult female stated her social security number was used to open and activate a debit card under another female’s name.

n Officers responded to a commercial business’s alarm. Upon arrival, officers found the front doors unlocked. The business was cleared and the building was secured. Officers notified the business owner, who said they forgot to lock the doors.

June 7

n Officers arrested a man for a restraining order violation.

n Officers responded to a car accident involving a single vehicle. They determined during the investigation the driver had been drinking and therefore made an arrest for DUII.

June 8

n Officers responded to a disturbance in the 900 block of First Avenue. Upon arrival, officers determined it was just a loud party with kids screaming.

n Officers responded to a loose Rottweiler that was reportedly running around a neighborhood and bit a person. Officers contacted the dog owner and the dog was secured. The victim of the dog bite was transported to Tuality Hospital by the dog owner for further medical attention.

n An officer responded to an alarm at the Echo Shaw Elementary School. He checked the building and found the building secure.

June 9

n Officers responded to a domestic disturbance between a father and son. Officers concluded the investigation and determined it was only a verbal dispute.

n Officers responded to a disturbance involving two intoxicated roommates. Officers determined it was a verbal argument. While investigating, officers located a marijuana pipe on the kitchen table and seized it.

n Officers responded to Coastal Farm and Ranch’s alarm and found the business secure. While searching the business, officers determined someone had stolen large potted plants off pallets in front of the store.

June 10

n An officer took a report of a stolen purse, iPod and shoes that were taken out of an unlocked vehicle.

n An officer arrested a man, who had several outstanding felony warrants. He was taken into custody and transported to the Washington County Jail without incident.

June 11

n Police responded to a three car motor vehicle accident. The accident appears to be caused by a driver who may have had a seizure and rear-ended a vehicle, causing that vehicle to strike a third vehicle.

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