Forest Grove

June 24

n Police arrested a man after he entered a Laundromat, urinated on the floor and spilled a half-eaten can of chili. 

n A woman called police after finding inappropriate pictures taken by her husband of her daughter, who’s a minor. The case is under investigation.


June 25

n A passing motorist called police after seeing what she thought was a man rolling around near the roadway on Highway 47 between Elm and B streets. Officers searched the area but found nothing.

n A man lodged in the Washington County Jail wanted to report someone trying to run him over with a car when he was in Forest Grove. The incident he was trying to report was actually related to the same call that landed him in jail in the first place.  


June 26

n Officers responded to a report of a girl screaming in the parking lot behind the Forest Grove library. They found the girl, who was apparently very upset that she did not get the part she tried out for in a play.

n Numerous motor homes were broken into in the 4300 block of Heather Street overnight. Officers examined the area and found tire tracks from a bike pulling a bike trailer in the mud. They followed the tracks for some time which eventually trailed off. Four days later, officers found a man on a bike pulling a trailer through the Safeway parking lot and stopped to talk with him. Officers were able to match the tires to the tire tracks left near the scene of the burglaries. The man then confessed to the crimes and was lodged at the Washington County Jail.


June 27

n A motorist in the area of Quince Street and Pacific Avenue called police after realizing a cat was under the hood of her car and she was not able to drive it. Another citizen was able to remove the cat and it was adopted on scene. 

n Police responded to an address after an elderly woman activated her Lifeline alert. Officers found out the woman activated her Lifeline alert system because she was upset with her caregiver for providing her the wrong snack and no coffee.

n A woman called police after finding a four-foot snake curled up in the grill of her pickup and didn’t know what to do. An officer was able to remove the snake without harming it and is caring for it.

n A 14-year-old girl was found stumbling and falling down along Pacific Avenue near the 7-11 store. Officers determined she was extremely intoxicated and checked her backpack. Inside they found 12 cans and seven bottles of beer. They also located wine and a bottle of spiked tropical punch. They determined the items were stolen from Wal-mart. The girl was arrested for theft and Minor In Possession before being released to her mother.


June 28

n Officers responded to a call of a possible assault in progress on Main Street with one middle school-aged child being held in a choke hold. It turned out that several kids were just wrestling. A citizen later called to complain about the officer's driving.

n A frightened resident on Forge Drive called police after they saw no one at the door after their doorbell rang. Officers searched the area but found no one.

n A man called police after his ex-wife used his identity to obtain a cell phone and had acquired $1,200 in charges. Apparently, this has occurred five or six times before.


June 29

n A woman on Pacific Avenue called to complain that a friend was leaving her unwanted apology letters. 

n An Inter-Agency Gang Enforcement Team member saw a subject who had a warrant for his arrest in the 3800 block of Pacific Avenue. The subject ran when he saw the officer and Forest Grove Officers responded to assist. A police canine was called in to assist, and located the subject hiding in the bushes on Rhodora Street. He was taken into custody.


June 30

n Police responded to a domestic disturbance that became physical on 22nd Avenue. The fight was over a cigarette. 

n Officers responded to Covey Run Drive over a dispute between neighbors over use of a sprinkler.


June 21

n An officer saw a man, who he knew had an outstanding arrest warrant, committing a pedestrian violation. When the officer ordered the man to stop, he fled on foot. After a short foot pursuit, officers located him in the back seat of a parked car. He had multiple warrants, and received additional charges for interfering with police and unlawful entry into a motor vehicle. He was lodged at the Washington County Jail.

n Officers conducted a welfare check in the 34000 block of S.W. Tualatin Valley Highway. They found a man unconscious near an open door. When he awoke, he was extremely drunk, but adamant that he did not drink. He failed sobriety tests, however. An officer put a detainer on him. He became uncooperative once in the patrol car and started kicking and yelling. He was lodged at the Washington County Jail.

n Officers received a noise complaint on N. Barlow Court. Neighbors had a loud live band playing next door to the caller. Officers found the noise level was 65 decibels. The band moved inside.

June 22

n Cornelius Police Department officers called Tualatin Police Department officers to assist in evaluating narcotics and alcohol intoxication for a subject involved in a vehicle crash.

n Officers attempted to locate a vehicle driver who was speeding and burning out on S. Fourth Street.

n Officers received a report of a 17-year-old who had been drinking at a nearby home. They found him very drunk in the 1900 block of S. Alpine Street. He was transported by ambulance for alcohol overdose. Partygoers admitted there was a party, but the boy arrived uninvited and was already drunk. Officers do not know who supplied him with the vodka. Officers will follow up with the victim.

n A woman called officers from the Jungle Room. She wanted to leave the bar but felt uncomfortable with a group of people in the parking lot. She told officers they weren’t doing anything wrong, but she felt nervous going outside with them there. She asked if an officer could come and escort her to her car. An officer met her there. and the small crowd dispersed.

n In the 600 block of N. 14th Avenue, a family friend was texting a woman to tell her that her boyfriend is with another girl. The couple is in the process of breaking up. The texter informed the woman that she thought her boyfriend was coming over to fight with her. He has been evicted but hasn’t left yet.

n An employee of Plaid Pantry on 10th Avenue contacted police because two men were sitting in a dark colored van, and the caller and customers felt uncomfortable. Officers found the van occupied by three people who were doing nothing wrong.

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