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Forest Grove

Aug. 11

n A resident on 18th Avenue called police after finding an arrow stuck in the side of her house. She had heard something hit the house during the night. It is unknown where the arrow came from but police are investigating further.

Aug. 12

n A man on Main Street who was an avid gamer and web master of “Mind Craft” called police after someone leaked his home address on the game site, and now people are sending him pizzas. 

n A traffic stop for a minor violation resulted in the arrest of the driver, who managed to avoid arrest for 15 years on a long-outstanding warrant. He was lodged at the Washington County Jail.

n Police contacted neighborhood children who were shooting at each other with a BB gun. They were referred to their parents.

n Police spoke to a property owner about better ways of handling himself. He got upset about a news truck on his parking lot preparing to do a live broadcast. Apparently, the man yelled at the news crew and then got into his car and drove straight for them while lying on the horn.

Aug. 13

n Officers responded to Taco Bell after a man became disruptive and began changing his order repeatedly. Officers contacted the man, who stated he was suffering from PTSD. He agreed not to return to the restaurant.

n Officers responded to a disturbance at the library after two males decided it was a good place to have a loud verbal argument. Both men agreed to leave the premises.

n A resident on Pacific Avenue called police after finding a picture of a male subject on her front door. She then learned the same subject had been seen walking around her property, smelling her daughter’s shorts, which were sitting outside on picnic table. A note was then found on the table with an address. Officers tracked down the subject at the address and identified him with the picture he left. Officers determined the man was developmentally challenged and had unknowingly been at the wrong address.

n While running radar on Quince Street, an officer took a moment to say hello to an elderly couple out for a walk. The male half proceeded to tell the officer that all officers were “a bunch of crooks” and he would be better off if we were not around. The officer took a moment to hear the man’s concerns and tried to convince him otherwise but was not successful.

Aug. 14

n Officers responded to a domestic disturbance about the man’s drug use. The man was high on methamphetamine and was convinced that he was African American, which was not his ethnicity. He also demanded officers buy him cigarettes, which the officers declined to do. The man later entered a convenience store to buy cigarettes and left his cell phone for payment since he had no money. The man was arrested for theft. He later went to his apartment and destroyed everything inside, including the toilet, a fish tank, the windows and any other objects he could find. 

n Officers contacted a man who decided he was going to live in his truck, which he was going to leave parked on Taylor Way. Officers told him he could not do this and sent him on his way.

n The new refrigeration system was damaged and copper pipe stolen from the new Prime Time restaurant building.

n A man called police because a package was delivered to his house but he had not ordered anything. The package turned out to be a toaster.

Aug. 15

n Officers responded to a domestic disturbance near the intersection of Cedar Street and 21st Place between a husband and wife. They were arguing about the wife carrying a backpack while she’s three months pregnant.

n Officers responded to Main Street after receiving a call from a crisis line about a suicidal subject. They contacted a man, who was upset that he was out of alcohol and unhappy with his grandmother because she refused to go buy him more. The man has a history of manipulating his grandmother with threats of suicide to get her to buy him alcohol.

n Police responded to a report of a man opening and checking mailboxes on Sunset Drive near University Avene. The man was reportedly carrying a stick and a sign that read “We are the 99%.” The man was not located.

Aug. 16

n A Forest Grove restaurant received a call from a subject claiming to be with Portland General Electric calling to collect on an unpaid power bill. The restaurant owner immediately realized this to be a scam as their power comes from the City of Forest Grove Light & Power Department.

n A resident on Lavina Drive called police asking for assistance after finding a baseball-sized spider on her couch. An officer arrived at the home and after a brief and heated battle with the large spider, defeated it using an unconventional police weapon — a rolled up newspaper.

n An officer gave an elderly man a ride home in Cornelius after he was found walking around the parking lot of the Forest Grove Hospital.

Aug. 17

n A man called police requesting that they pick up his children who were with his wife somewhere in Forest Grove. The man said he and his wife had an argument and his wife left with the children and now he wanted them back. Police told the man this was a civil issue and that they couldn’t get involved.

n An officer found a man down in the 200 block of Baseline and called for medical assistance. It initially appeared as if the man may have been hit by a car, but it was later determined he had suffered from a medical problem.

n A man called police after his 76-year-old ex-wife failed to show up for an arranged dinner date. She was now not answering her door or her phone. The fire department assisted officers and made entry to her residence, but no one was found inside. Officers later learned the woman had forgotten about the date and went out to dinner with her daughter instead.


July 30

n A man called police to report that his car and the girlfriend he met on Facebook two months ago are gone.

n A resident in the 2900 block of N. Holladay Street reported that someone cut their garden hose and drained half a tank of fuel from their vehicle parked in their driveway.

n Officers responded to a domestic disturbances near the intersection of S. 10th Avenue and S. Magnolia Street, and in the 500 block of S. Ivy Court and the 100 block of N. 11th Avenue.

n Officers responded to a report of a woman screaming in the 300 block of S. Alpine Street. She was yelling at two fighting dogs.

July 31

n A fence was tagged in the 2700 block of S. Alpine Street.

Aug. 1

n A man was supposed to meet his friend, who was supposed to return a $2,600 bike he had stolen. Instead, the friend sprayed the man with pepper spray.

n A man reported being stabbed by gang members after a failed robbery attempt at Wal-Mart. The man had a consistent story and wounds, but also suffers from mental health issues.

Aug. 2

n A business near the intersection of N. 13th Avenue and Baseline Street was shut down for operating without a business license.

n A man reported that he was conned out of money while gambling in the auto parts section of Wal-Mart and wanted to know how to get his money back even after officers told him that gambling in non-sanctioned locations such as Wal-Mart is illegal.

Aug. 3

n A coffee can with tip money in it was stolen from Dutch Brothers in the 1400 block of Baseline Street.

Aug. 4

n Officers responded to the 2400 block of S. Alpine Street on a violation of a restraining order. Parents were fighting over the custody of their three-year-old son. The father wanted officers to check on his daughter, who he believes is being abused.

Aug. 5

n Officers responded to S. 12th Avenue, where a 58-year-old man with dementia was anxious and paranoid. He wanted to leave and wanted his wife to call a social worker.

n A GPS, fish finder and fishing reels were stolen from a boat parked in the 1000 block of S. Fawn Street.

n A suspect left more than 30 voice and text messages communicating that he wants to kill someone. Officers are familiar with the man, who has a prior conviction of attempted murder for running over his best friend. He has been diagnosed with bipolar paranoia schizophrenia and is not taking his medications.

n Graffiti was found on stop signs near the intersection of 19th Avenue and Davis Street.

n Four bikes have been stolen near the intersection of S. Dogwood Street and Ninth Avenue in the last two months.

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