Forest Grove

Aug. 18

n Officers checked on a man on Mountain View Lane who had a seizure and fell. The man lost several of his teeth and his memory.

n Police responded to an assault call. The victim was beaten and entered into a Portland trauma center. Officers later found the suspect and arrested him.

n Police responded to a physical domestic disturbance in the 2500 block of Douglas Street. 



Aug. 19

n A 12-year-old riding a skateboard darted into traffic near Pacific and Main Street, causing an accident. No one suffered injuries.

n A resident on Poplar Street called police after a child wearing only a diaper wandered into her house for a visit. No one knew where the child came from or belonged. A neighbor helped find the child’s home. The mother was apparently taking a nap while her boyfriend was supposed to be watching the child, but he left without informing her. Police are forwarding a report of the incident to Children’s Services.

n The plan to invite another woman into a three-way sexual encounter in the Forest Gale Heights area turned violent after a volatile disagreement over the arrangement. The disagreement became physical and the male fled the scene prior to police arriving. A two-mile dog track followed the subject. An officer received minor injuries after a fall during the pursuit. The man was arrested when he was located on 17th Avenue. Officers seized a small quantity of cocaine during the investigation and both the female and male were arrested and lodged at the Washington County Jail. Police learned it was the male who got upset with proposed arrangement — he had to get up early for work the next morning.


Aug. 20

n Police responded to the skate park on Main Street on a report of a fight involving 10 people. Officers learned that a consensual Mixed Martial Arts match took place between two boys. The event turned sour after the loser of the match got upset and started yelling at the victor for cheating.

n Officers responded to an alarm at Joseph Gale School that was accidently set off by an employee. So far this year, officers have responded to 186 false alarms at Forest Grove schools.


Aug. 21

n A mother called police after her son, who has mental health issues, began acting out. Her son refused to speak to the officer and decided to go to bed.

n A man flagged down officers at Safeway and told them he planned to meet the suspect who stole his iPhone in the parking lot. The crime had not yet been reported to police. Officers hid in the parking lot to assist, but the suspect failed to show up.

n Officers helped assisted Cornelius Police Department with a dog track after a suspect took off on foot from a traffic stop in Cornelius. The man was located in the 3800 block of Pacific Avenue and arrested.   


Aug. 22

n An off-duty City of Forest Grove employee called 911 after following a car that was weaving all over the roadway and crossing into oncoming traffic. The vehicle pulled into the Thatcher Plaid Pantry and the driver was so intoxicated it took her nearly five minutes to get out of her car. Officers contacted the woman, who was so intoxicated she could barely stand. She refused field sobriety tests and refused the breath test. She was lodged at the Washington County Jail. The woman’s husband later called police to report her missing when she failed to show up at home. Officers informed him he could find her at the jail.

n A woman contacted an officer on Main Street, first to thank him for stopping a truck for a traffic infraction, then to berate him, saying she wanted officers to “stay off their butts and do their job.” It was actually the same poor officer who was doing his job running radar the week before when he was berated by an elderly man who angrily told him that “all cops were a bunch of crooks.” The officer in question is actually an honest and hard worker.

n Officers responded to a report of a man threatening a citizen with a hammer and a knife on 23rd Avenue near Main Street. Officers found the man and arrested him for Unlawful Use of a Weapon, Menacing and Disorderly Conduct.


Aug. 23

n A grandmother on Hawthorne Street called police because her grandson over-stayed his welcome and she wanted him to leave her home. Because she allowed him to live there for more than a year, a formal eviction process is required. The grandma ended up packing her own bags and left the residence.

n A woman called police after a girl began chatting with her on Facebook instant messaging. The girl said she was dating the woman's boyfriend and suddenly remarked she was going to overdose on pills. Police used an archived records database to locate the girl's residence. An ambulance transported her to the hospital.


Aug. 24

n A man called police after an acquaintance decided to drive a golf ball off his vehicle windshield, breaking it in the process. 

n A man called police after finding the words “I know where you live” written on the driver’s side window of his car. It is unknown who wrote this or whether it is true.

n A patrol sergeant stopped a vehicle in the 800 block of Baseline suspecting the driver might be intoxicated by the way he was driving. He was. The blood alcohol level was determined to be more than double the legal limit at .18 percent.  


Aug. 6

n Officers arrested a man for harassment after he threw paperwork at a man’s face and continued to make threats and scream. He was upset because he received notification that he was an authorized resident at his mother’s home.

n A man asked a woman, whom he has a restraining order against, to get off the bus when she got on. She refused. She is aware of his schedule and this is the third time she’s gotten on his bus.

Aug. 7

n An elderly man called police because he thought he picked up his daughter in Hillsboro, but said she wasn’t in the car when he got home. The daughter said she was never with him that morning. He has dementia.

n Officers assisted Woodburn Police Department by contacting four subjects of interest in a homicide case.

Aug. 8

n Three drunk people were screaming and honking car horns in the 300 block of Fourth Avenue. Both a man and woman are claiming physical contact, but neither party wanted to press charges.

Aug. 9

n Officers stopped a man who refused to roll down illegally tinted windows and .38 round was seen in his truck. It is unknown if he had a gun in his truck. He was cited for no proof of insurance.

n Officers assisted a man in the 300 block of 12th Avenue who was having trouble with his wife, who is dealing with health issues related to alcohol abuse.

Aug. 10

n A subject fled from Wal-Mart after stealing something and was picked up by a truck. Officers located the truck and stopped it. The thief admitted to the theft and was cited. Officers also cited two passengers in the truck for possession of methamphetamine.

n A man was arrested and lodged at the Washington County Jail for repeatedly hitting his girlfriend with a broom.

Aug. 11

n A man was cited and released for harassment after his girlfriend reported that he grabbed her throat the night before.

n An 11-year-old boy riding a bike hit a driving car. He wasn’t injured.

Aug. 12

n A man reported that he was slapped by a motorist in the parking lot of a business in the 2200 block of Baseline after the complainant kicked the motorist’s car for reportedly nearly hitting his child in the parking lot.

n A man was arrested for criminal trespass and lodged at the Washington County Jail after his neighbor caught him in her backyard peeking in her back window.

Aug. 13

n Officers were dispatched on a welfare check at Veterans Memorial Park. A 51-year-old man called 911 to report that he was very sick and intoxicated. Medical personnel were already on scene and attending to the male when officers arrived. He was transported to the hospital by ambulance.

Aug. 14

n A motorcyclist reported that while he was riding on Tualatin Valley Highway near 341st Avenue someone threw a Gatorade bottle from a green Toyota pickup, striking and damaging the windshield of the motorcycle.

Aug. 15

n Officers responded to a gas station because of a dispute. A driver said he asked for $15 of gas but the attendant filled the vehicle. The driver refused to pay the difference. The driver had the option to pay the difference or wait to have the fuel siphoned. He chose to pay the difference.

Aug. 16

n An attorney contacted officers regarding a child custody situation between his client, a father whose child’s non-custodial grandparents were refusing to turn the child over. The child’s mother recently died and the father allowed the child to go with the child’s maternal grandparents to Mexico to visit family. The grandparents were supposed to return the child when they came back to Oregon but were now refusing. Officers contacted the grandparents, who agreed to return the child to his father.

Aug. 17

n Officers received several unrelated calls regarding loud music at various locations within the city.

Aug. 18

n A business in the area of 10th Avenue and Adair Street reported an adult male stole a case of beer and ran out the door. Business employees captured the theft on video. The responding officer viewed the video and recognized the male as being a person he had contacted twice just shortly before the theft took place. The officer drove to the suspect’s home, where he located the suspect outside, and took him into custody.

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