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Forest Grove

Sept. 1

n Officers responded to a call of shots fired and a vehicle driving away quickly in the area of Thatcher Road and David Hill Road. Officers searched the area but found nothing. Later, a nearby homeowner outside the city limits found a 40-caliber bullet lodged in the breezeway area of their home.

n A woman on Main Street called police after hearing voices outside her window. She believed the voice was a recording because it was so distinct. She has heard voices before.

n Police responded to a disturbance. A girl broke up with her boyfriend because he lied and cheated on her. The ex-boyfriend then entered her home and refused to leave. She grabbed a shotgun. The boyfriend was charged with criminal trespass and released to his parents.

Sept. 2

n Police checked the welfare of a man lying on the railroad tracks near Oak Street. Officers found the man was still intoxicated from the night before and napping. Officers suggested the tracks might be a less than ideal place to nap. The man was taken to his brother’s home to sober up.

n A new reserve officer with Forest Grove Police Department recently attended a grand jury trial in Multnomah County for what ended up being a colossal case of unfortunate mistaken identity for a Portland resident.

On Aug. 14, the off-duty officer was eating lunch in a Portland restaurant when he was approached by a man who thought he was supposed to make a drug purchase from him. After informing the man he was mistaken, the officer called Portland Police Department. The man later attempted to elude officers by car and foot before being taken into custody. Officers recovered $8,500 from the man, who was taken to jail on multiple charges.

Sept. 3

n Officers checked on a 2-year-old child walking on 21st Avenue near D Street.Officers learned the child had been left in the care of his mother’s 23-year-old brother, who fell asleep.

n An officer checked on a home where several marijuana plants were reportedly in plain view growing in the back yard. The officer contacted the home owner, who showed the officer valid medical marijuana grow paperwork.

n A man called from Main Street, stating he needed help because “kittens were trapped in a room.” Officers were able to check the room and confirmed that kittens were indeed inside, but were also content, healthy and being cared for.  

Sept. 4

n A man from Magnolia Way called police after receiving a call from “Publisher’s Clearing House” claiming he needed to send $250 to cover the expenses of delivering a car he just won. The man didn’t fall for it.

n A woman called police after she recognized her friend’s stolen bicycle from Hillsboro parked in front of the 7-11 store. While confirming the information with the Hillsboro Police Department, a man walked out of the store and got on the bike. Officers stopped the man, who admitted buying the bike for $20, thinking it was “too good to be true.” He was cited for possession of stolen property and the bike was returned to its owner.

Sept. 5

n A resident on Poplar Street called after a child from the neighborhood walked into her house. This is the third time this has happened. Officers contacted the child’s mother and notified children’s services.

n Police responded to a domestic disturbance on 22nd Avenue. While there, the woman said her husband stomped on her big toe a few days ago while trying a get a furniture advertisement away from her. She showed her toe to the officer, which was bruised and looked quite painful. The husband was arrested and lodged at the jail for assault.

 Sept. 6

n Police assisted children’s services in removing a 5- and 6-year-old from a residence due to neglect issues. The mother was not happy.

n A resident on 28th Avenue called police after noticing a neighbor was pumping gray water from her washing machine into the backyard. Officers contacted the neighbor, pointed out that was unacceptable, and suggested she fix the plumbing issue.

n Police received a call from near Avon Way and B Street after a woman found what she thought were two severed dog legs. The officer determined they were actually cat legs and it appeared another animal had gotten to it. There is no evidence at this time that a human dismembered the animal.

 Sept. 7

n Police responded to a report of a female on 19th Avenue in her bra, blowing kisses to children. Officers found the woman who was in her bra and pants. Officers let her know her behavior was inappropriate and told her to stop it.    

n Officers checked the area behind the waterfall at the Pacific Crossings entrance after receiving a report that someone might be camping there. Officers located duffel bags and a blanket, but no people. 

Banks in July

n A resident reported that two checks were drawn on from an account from a payday loan company. Numerous complaints have been filed about this company.

n Officers responded to a fight on Park Street on the Fourth of July between and resident and vehicle driver who was apparently driving too fast in the neighborhood.

n Officers arrested a man in the Jim’s Thriftway parking lot for violating a restraining order.

n An unknown suspect smashed a car window during the night on N.W. Arborpark Loop.

n Officers assisted in locating a runaway that had been seen around town.

n Officers responded to a domestic disturbance on Wilkes Street. A man was arrested after a physical altercation with his girlfriend.

n Oregon First Community Credit Union received a counterfeit $100 bill.

n Graffiti was found at Banks High School and Banks Elementary School.

n Unknown suspects tresspassed on N.W. Maplecrest Way at a vacant house.

n A Kindle was stolen from N.W. Commerce Street. A relative is the likely suspect.

n A few boys lit a newspaper on fire, left it on a porch of a home on N.W. Elmhurst Court and rang the doorbell.

n Officers arrested a man for sexual abuse.

n A suspect stole about $130 from a family member who lives on N.W. Maplecrest Way.

n Officers responded to a domestic disturbance between an aunt and niece on N.W. Maplecrest Way.


Aug. 19

n Officers assisted Forest Grove officers with a search for a domestic assault suspect, who was possible armed and suicidal.

n A woman called police because for the second day in a row, a man visited her home asking if her daughter and another male were home. When she told him they were not, he asked to enter her home to confirm they weren’t there.

Aug. 20

n Police received an anonymous complaint about an ongoing issue with a driver of a red motorcycle speeding through the 600 block of S. Linden Street.

n Officers responded to a physical domestic disturbance in the 300 block of S. 20th Avenue about a custody dispute.

Aug. 21

n Officers assisted Hillsboro officers locating a man suspected of theft who reportedly boarded a TriMet bus headed into Cornelius. Officers located the suspect in the 2200 block of Baseline.

n A vehicle owner reported pay stubs missing from her vehicle that was parked at a repair shop in the 1700 block of N. Adair Street.

Aug. 22

n Officers responded to a disturbance between two men in the 900 block of S. Ginger Street.

n An employee in the 200 block of N. Adair Street reported that a man used a credit card to make gift cards purchases totaling more than $3,000. The employee believes the credit card may be stolen, but did not have information on the possible owner of the credit card.

n The house manager of an adult group home in the 200 block of Baseline reported that one of the residents was being aggressive and threatening toward other residents.

n A business in the 1500 block of N. Adair Street was burglarized overnight and a laptop was taken.

n Officers arrested three men who had warrants for their arrest.

Aug. 23

n An attempted burglary was reported in the 500 block of S. 23rd Avenue. An unknown suspect tried to come in the back door of a residence stating he was looking for former tenants. A teenage resident shot him in the leg with a BB gun and then closed the door. A dog track was conducted for the suspect, but he was not located.

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