Sept. 8

n A woman called police to ask if she could keep her kids from visiting their father even though court documents allowed and designated visitation. Officers told the woman we would not give her permission to go against a judge’s order.

n A resident at a local assisted living center reported that an employee stole $70 from her wallet. An officer investigated and arrested the employee.

n A nurse at a different assisted care facility called police to report that a patient was harassing her and other nurses at the facility. It had been going on for three to four months. There was no crime so far in what was reportedly occurring and officers advised the nurse to work with the facility administration to address the problem.

n An officer stopped a car for a traffic infraction on Pacific Avenue near Highway 47 and noticed the odor of marijuana. The officer spoke with the passenger and asked her if she had marijuana. The passenger admitted that she had “only a little bit,” and pulled a baggie out her pocket to show the officer. Unfortunately, she inadvertently pulled out the wrong baggie and instead showed the officer one with methamphetamine. She then exclaimed an expletive and tried stuffing the baggy back into her pocket. She was arrested for possession of methamphetamine and marijuana along with a Multnomah County warrant.

Sept. 9

n An elderly woman on Cedar Street called to report that someone was trying to steal her house. Officers arrived and while they found the house firmly in place, they also noticed a 72-hour eviction notice affixed to the front door. Officers spoke to the woman, who claimed other officers already knew she owned the home. She communicated with these other officers via the spiritual channel. A report was sent to the Department of Aging and Mental Health.  

n Officers contacted a 17-year-old boy in the middle of the night outside of Safeway. The boy told officers he was homeless and was in Forest Grove to avoid sleeping on the streets in Portland. He had no guardian in the area. Officers helped arrange a shelter and he was referred to the Juvenile Department for an appointment the following day and a curfew charge.

n A woman on 22nd Avenue called police to report that a subject was violating a restraining order and repeatedly contacting her. An officer checked it out, but learned that a restraining order did not exist. The officer agreed to call the subject to tell him to stop making contact with her.

Sept. 10

n Officers checked on a woman lying in the grass near Highway 47 and Poplar Street. The woman refused to stand up and said her name was “Nobody.”  Nobody said that she was walking to the beach and refused to answer any more questions.  Nobody was not committing any crime so she was left to be on her way.

n An individual reported the theft of his skateboard. He said an acquaintance was refusing to return it until he returned a bong the acquaintance claimed he stole three years ago.

n Police responded to a subject who was yelling and breaking things in his apartment on Main Street. Officers contacted the subject who explained he was upset with the police and “their communication devices.” A report will be sent to the county mental health department.

n A juvenile at the skate park called police to report his friend was assaulted by some random girl at the park. Apparently his friend was making fun of the girl because she was overweight so she walked over and punched him. The matter was referred to the Washington County Juvenile department.

Sept. 11

n An area therapist called police after receiving a disturbing voice message on her cell phone. The message was from a man who was making sounds as if he was masturbating. The therapist said she did not recognize the voice to match any of her current patients.

n Officers responded to report of a “TP’ing” of a car in progress on Covey Run Drive. They contacted a mother at the residence who said it was okay and they would clean off the toilet paper. She explained that her daughter was getting pay back after a friend was involved in a similar incident.

n Police responded to an accidental overdose on Xanax and alcohol on 19th Avenue. The woman was transported to the hospital by ambulance.

n An officer checked on a man who was sleeping in his vehicle at the Les Schwab Tire store. The man explained that he fell asleep while waiting for a vehicle alignment.

Sept. 12

n A resident on College Way called police after a family of baby squirrels fell out of a tree. One squirrel was severely injured and several young children at the location were upset. An officer explained to the children that he would take care of the squirrel and drove away with it. The officer euthanized the animal.

n A woman on Rhodora Street called police to report a burglary. Although there was no evidence of a burglary, the woman was certain there had been since her cat was missing. She later called to cancel when her cat re-appeared.

n Police were called to look into a sex abuse report. Officers started facing challenges when they learned the incidents occurred nearly 50 years ago in the city of Madras.

n A resident near Bard Park called to report people smoking in the park. It is not illegal to smoke in the park.

n A man on Kingwood Street called to report being assaulted by a man with a bandana over his face. The suspect failed to sufficiently tie the bandana and it fell off. The victim, therefore, could identify the assaulter. The suspect then ran away, but police will soon be arresting him.

Sept. 13

n Officers responded to a domestic disturbance on 19th Place and found a couple arguing about the woman’s spending habits.

n Officers responded to a store on Pacific Avenue after receiving a complaint of two males soliciting signatures outside on a petition to stop “illegal aliens.” The men were on a public sidewalk and not committing a crime. They were, however, trespassed from the store.

n A woman on Main Street called to report “borderline sexual harassment” after her father-in-law tugged on her shorts after she bent over in front of him. While talking with the woman, she acknowledged that he likely only did this because her “butt crack” was showing. Just the same, she was still upset about it. It was suggested she simply tell her father-in-law she did not appreciate the wardrobe correction. No crime.

n Police responded to a report of a couple walking into Forest Grove from Cornelius and the man, who appeared intoxicated, was walking out into traffic. An officer contacted the man and told him to stay out of the roadway. Moments later, the officer observed the man out iIn the middle of the roadway again in front of McDonalds. The man was arrested for Disorderly Conduct.

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