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Gaston could double with new subdivision


Work has started on 20-acre parcel

In Gaston, builders recently broke ground on a new 20-acre subdivision, which is expected to eventually double the city’s population.

Last month, developer Tim McDonald and Rychart Excavation workers started work on land that may end up hosting 250 to 300 new homes, according to Gaston’s director of public works, Richard Williams.

That would likely double the town’s current population of about 650, he said.

The developer is starting with just eight houses, though, said Williams, which will likely be completed by next summer. The new neighborhood is southwest of the city’s school complex, on Hedin Terrace near the city’s reservoirs.

“I’m excited that we’re growing; it’s nice to see that,” Williams said. “Things are starting to pick up.”

While some may see more people as more wear-and-tear on the town’s roads and utilities, Williams sees more Gaston residents as a good thing — including additional tax money for better streets, more parks and other improvements for the town.

“It’s likely to change the whole complexion of our little community,” said Gaston Schools Superintendent David Beasley.

When the homes are completed and housing new families, “it will be a whole new era for our school district,” said Gaston Elementary Principal Yvonne Rauch.