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Teen trainers, mild mustangs


Wild horses couldnt keep local girls away from a mustang challenge

Forest Grove High School students Shelby Rosholot and Katie Marten returned from Texas last week with almost $1,800, national rankings, and their trained mustangs that just a short time ago ran wild.

Rosholot, a senior, and Marten, a sophomore, returned safely after a long drive and a long haul of bringing their horses from wild animals to show horses, which now stay calm in front of a crowd and listen to their trusted handlers’ commands.

In April, the girls toured the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) mustang corrals, where Marten found Queen Elizabeth, and Rosholot set eyes on Jazzmine. by: COURTESY PHOTO - Shelby Rosholot (pictured) and Katie Marten (not pictured) won ribbons at fairs this year with the mustangs they adopted -- and returned home from a national competition with even more prizes.

Through the summer, the girls started slow, gaining their horses’ trust in preparation for county and state fairs, where they brought home medals and ribbons — and recently the annual Mustang Million competition in Fort Worth, Texas, where equines and their humans are tested on handling and horsemanship skills, turns and tranquility.

The Mustang Heritage Foundation organizes the show to bring awareness to the breed. More than 42,000 horses are kept in BLM corrals, waiting to be adopted.

Marten and Rosholot competed in the youth division against almost 70 other competitors. They both placed in the top ten, and brought home the ribbons to show for it.