Forest Grove

Sept. 29

n Officers checked on a dog that was reportedly tied up outside in the rain. Officers saw the dog had access to shelter, but was caught up in its leash.

n Police checked on a mother on Main Street who reportedly posted a picture on Facebook with kids drinking alcohol. The mother said that no one was actually drinking in the picture and that it was posed “just for fun.” Officers suggested she remove the picture and she agreed.  

Sept. 30

n A man reported his wife missing. Officers located her at a local hotel. She told officers she was fine, but simply needed to get away.

n  Police checked on a 73-year-old man on Hawthorne Street after family members could not reach him. The man told police he was fine. 

Oct. 1

n Police responded to a domestic disturbance on Lavina Drive. When the man was questioned about the incident, he claimed he was having issues with his memory and suggested police contact his attorney.

n An elderly resident called police to report a scam. Someone called her and claimed to need information about her computer. The caller knows it’s a scam because she doesn’t own a computer.

n Officers responded to Willamina Avenue after a subject called to report that his brother was “freaking out.” Officers arrived to find both brothers in a physical altercation. One brother was arrested and lodged in jail.

Oct. 2

n Officers responded to a call at Forest Grove High School originally reported as harassment. The call was actually over an upset father who did not want his son dating a specific girl. The situation was aggravated by the girl’s mother, who was encouraging them to date.

n A woman, who was riding in the car with her friend, called police to report that her friend just assaulted her. The woman reported her friend struck her in the nose after she simply pointed out she had just passed a police officer on a traffic stop and almost hit him.

n Parents reported their 14-year-old daughter as a runaway following an argument with her sister. The girl showed up at the police station a short time later and was transported back home.

Oct. 3

n A composting toilet was stolen from a farm on B Street. Police are investigating.

n Forest Grove officers assisted the Washington County Sheriff’s office on a call involving a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

n While patrolling Pacific Avenue, an officer noticed a naked man walking down the street. When she stopped to talk to the man, he ran into traffic and ignored her commands to stop. For several minutes the man ran around dodging traffic and officers who attempted to grab him. He was eventually tackled by an officer in a field and transported to the hospital for a suspected drug overdose. The man will also appear in court for disorderly conduct and interfering with a peace officer.

Oct. 4

n A woman on Watercrest Road asked for an area check after finding footprints in her grass. Police found nothing.

n A man was arrested for possession of heroin after his mother-in-law called to report that he was using the drug.

n A mother called to report her daughter as a runaway. Police found her at home. Apparently, mom was at work and did not realize she was home.

n Police responded to a report of two men with a girl who was crying on A Street. An officer contacted the men and learned they were simply attempting to comfort the girl, who just broke up with her boyfriend. 

n Unknown subjects taped the letters “PO” over the “ST” on several stop signs in the area of Pacific University, so the signs instead read “POOP.” Fortunately, there were no known accidents resulting from this alteration. The signs were fixed to once again read STOP.

Oct. 5

n A resident on B Street called police after an 88-year-old man came to his door asking for help. The elderly man complained that his son had taken his wallet and car keys. Police found his son, and learned his father had some health issues and was not the victim of any theft.

n A caller reported two men acting odd near 21st Avenue and Main Street. One man was in a wheelchair. Police contacted the subjects who were both intoxicated. The man in the wheelchair was having trouble operating the controls on his wheelchair and then collapsed while trying to stand. He was transported to the hospital. 

n A woman called 9-1-1 asking for assistance to leave her husband. An officer provided information, which included the non-emergency phone number for the next time she needed non-emergency assistance.

n The 7-11 store called police after a man in a chicken suit entered the store then left. The question presented, ‘why the chicken entered the store,’ was never answered because officers did not locate it after checking the area. Police could not determine that any crime was committed.

n Police received a report of a girl with blood pouring down her face while sitting in a car screaming at a local store. Another girl in the car was also screaming. A woman got into the driver’s seat and left at a high rate of speed. The vehicle’s plates were registered in Washington. Police searched but did not find the car.


Sept. 23

n Officers received a report of a woman running up and down the street, crying and sitting in mud puddles. Officers arrested her for assault after learning she had just assaulted her step-mother and injured her.

n Officers received a report of a man panhandling and harassing customers at a business in the 1800 block of Baseline Street. The man left prior to officer arrival.

Sept. 24

n Officers responded to a disturbance in the 100 block of S. 10th Avenue over the sale of property.

n Officers received a report of a possible transient camp and illegal activity in the 300 block of N. 31st Avenue. Officers made a thorough search of the area and did not locate any evidence of a camp or illegal activity.

n An officer responded to a report of a rental unit tenant using an extension cord to steal power from another unit after her power was shut off.

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