Forest Grove

Nov. 10

n A resident called police after finding a dead hawk in his garden. The caller wanted to document the incident in case other hawks were killed.

n A caller reported her stepmother and father were going through a divorce. Her stepmother was taking more items than she was supposed to from their residence. Police told the caller these items were still joint property until after the divorce and to contact the courts.

n A woman arrested earlier this month called to ask for her wallet and dentures back. The police had taken neither and told her to keep looking.

n A resident on Rosearden Drive called to report a man stumbling and falling down. An officer found an intoxicated 19-year-old man in the area. He was given a “minor in possession of alcohol” citation and a ride home. 

Nov. 11

n A concerned citizen called about an elderly woman with dementia who might not be able to care for herself. The woman allegedly does not keep her clothing or house clean, doesn’t eat well and has other issues. Officers went to the home, but the woman would not allow them to enter and did not want to chat.

n A man was arrested on a warrant at a local establishment. He was additionally charged with possession of drugs after police found heroin on him.

n A man called police after finding his car door open and saw a suspicious man in the area. He also found a screen pulled off a back window of his house. The man told police his wife is having an affair with another woman who is married. The man believes the man he saw is the husband of the other woman. He wanted the incident documented.

Nov. 12

n A concerned mother called police after her step-son “tagged” the inside of her home with gang type graffiti. She wanted to know what it meant.

n A concerned citizen called after finding a dead squirrel near their vehicle tire. The citizen believes the squirrel may have been placed there intentionally by corrupt church members.  

n A resident called police after catching a man on surveillance video urinating next to his pickup.

n A citizen complained of being harassed by a parking lot sweeper at a local business. Business staff agreed to contact the sweeper company.

Nov. 13

n Police responded to a fight between several subjects in the 2800 block of 19th Avenue. Officers arrested one man after learning he had a warrant for his arrest.

n Pacific University Campus Safety personnel called police after capturing a loose pit bull that appeared to be aggressive. An officer transported the dog to Bonnie L. Hayes Small Animal Shelter in Hillsboro.

n A citizen called police to report a theft her roommate committed, but did not want the police to investigate. Officers explained that if she was calling to make a report the incident would be investigated. 

Nov. 14

n A woman contacted police because her adult son assaulted her the night before. Officers arrested the son and lodged him at the Washington County Jail.

n A resident on 22nd Avenue called to report a power tool stolen. Just as the officer was leaving the scene with information on the theft, the tool was found. It had not been stolen after all.

n A motorist called police after a man ran out in the road at Pacific Avenue and Maple Street in front of the caller’s vehicle then ran back.  

n Police checked on a 3-year-old child left alone in a parking lot of an apartment complex. Officers checked the residence where they thought the child lived and contacted a man on the back porch who was uncooperative. A report will be forwarded to children’s services. 

Nov. 15

n Police checked a residence out after a concerned citizen reported a large number of reptiles and animals at a residence including a Cobra snake and an alligator. No one answered the door.

n Police went to Safeway after a subject verbally abused an employee and tried to get him to write a higher dollar amount on a bottle return slip. The employee refused. Officers contacted the subject and banned them from returning to the bottle return area.

n Several citizens saw a red van hit a dog near 21st Avenue and Filbert Street then leave the scene. The dog allegedly got up and ran away. The dog was later located and was transported to the veterinarian by its owner.

n An officer observed a vehicle driving the wrong way on a one way street in front of the police station and went after it. The officer stopped the car and contacted the driver who was intoxicated. The driver later gave a breath sample resulting in a .12 percent blood alcohol content.  

Nov. 16

n A man reported that someone fraudulently accessed his Groupon account and bought an iPhone. The item was shipped to an address in Portland. The investigation is continuing.

n An employee at a business in the 1900 block of Main Street called to report that a man was frightening other employees with his odd behavior. This was the second business he reportedly entered in the evening. He scared workers in the other establishment by saying he was going to shoot all the police. The man was taken to jail after his probation officer authorized a detainer.   

n A pickup slammed into a car and truck camper on Willamina Avenue and then fled the scene. The incident was captured on a video surveillance system. Police found the truck in a driveway three blocks away. They later arrested the driver for hit-and-run, criminal mischief and reckless driving.

n Police responded to a large party where 20 juveniles were cited for minor in possession of alcohol, and then released to their parents.


Nov. 11

n Officers responded to a problem about falling leaves.

n Police followed up on a previous domestic violence investigation, and arrested a subject for assault.

n A mother called police because her adult daughter invited her boyfriend over and he was not welcome. Officers talked with the woman about landlord and tenant issues.

n Someone called in a domestic disturbance. Officers responded but found no evidence of anything more than a verbal dispute.

n A vacant home was burglarized.

n A burglary was reported in the 700 block of N. Adair Street, but it looks like the suspects were previous residents coming to collect large amounts of trash they left behind.

n A suspicious device was found in a vehicle parked at Fred Meyer. Officers determined the device was an alarm system and possibly left in the vehicle by a family member.

Nov. 12

n Officers took a report of a runaway boy in the 200 block of N. 10th Avenue. The boy’s father called about 10 minutes later to report his son had come home and was just late on the school bus.

n Dispatch received an incomplete 911 call and heard a verbal altercation between a man and woman in the background. Officers searched for an hour and a half but couldn’t find anything.

n A complainant reported a possible violation of probation, but officers determined no violation occurred.

n Officers took a report that a man’s ex-wife was making death threats. Officers determined the woman was only expressing how nice it would be to have the money from her ex-husband’s life insurance.

Nov. 13

n Officers located a wanted subject in the 34000 block of Tualatin Valley Highway.

n A wallet with $900 in it was stolen from a residence in the 500 block of N. 15th Avenue.

n Multiple high-dollar electronic items were stolen from a residence in the 200 block of N. 29th Avenue.

n Officers checked an abandoned residence in the 400 block of S. 20th Avenue for trespassers, but found nobody.

Nov. 14

n Officers assisted a couple in the 2700 block of N. Irvine with a civil issue.

n A lost wallet was returned to its owner in the 700 block of N. Adair Street.

n A woman was arrested on a warrant in the 700 block of N. Adair Street.

n Officers determined people in the 2600 block of S. Dogwood Street were legitimate workers.

n Someone stole steaks from the 200 block of N. Adair Street.

Nov. 15

n A man was arrested in the 1100 block of N. Clark Street.

n A man went into WalMart and took a computer. He placed the computer on his lap and made no attempt to conceal the computer. He drove his electric wheel chair out the south entrance exit. An employee saw this man in the store earlier and intercepted him. The other computer was recovered from his residence.

n There was a hit-and-run at a Hillsboro strip club that was later stopped for speeding and arrested for DUII after tests revealed a .16 percent blood alcohol content.

n Officers responded to a reported fight. Peace was restored and neither party wanted to prosecute.

Nov. 16

n An unknown suspect loaded tools into the bed of a Ford Ranger owned by the complainant. The vehicle was driven around the property to help load up the tools, but something prevented the subject from actually taking any items off the property.

n A laptop was stolen from a vehicle.

n A vehicle was stolen.

n Officers assisted Washington County Sheriff’s Office with a dog track for a burglary on S.W. Anderson Road.

n A leaf blower worth about $500 was taken from a truck in the 2800 block of N. Barlow Court.

n About $1,500 worth of items were taken from an unlocked vehicle parked at the Jungle Room.

n A caller reported that there were some things missing from her home. Right before officers arrived, however, she found the items and did not need to make a report.


n A man on N.W. Hammond Place complained that his ex-girlfriend was attempting to access his bank account and was posting Craigslist ads in his name.

n A woman drove into Greenville Park and got her vehicle stuck. She was arrested for DUII, reckless driving and criminal mischief. Several days later, a boy admitted to driving the car.

n A woman on N.W. Buckshire Street received a call from a law business claiming she owed money from a payday loan. Police found the business online and contacted them. They said they didn’t engage in that kind of collections work. Officers determined it was likely a scam.

n A victim reported that their vehicle was hit while parked on N.W. Broadshire Lane.

n Two vehicles crashed into each other on N.W. Arborlook Loop. Accounts of the accident were contradictory, but after reviewing video tape, officers arrested one driver for reckless driving and assault.

n In Greenville Park, a park bench was broken and there was graffiti on the gazebo.

n Officers intervened during a verbal dispute between an ex-girlfriend and ex-boyfriend.

n Two juveniles were cited for minor in possession of marijuana.

n There was an attempted burglary into a garage on N.W. Market Street.

n A man entered a vehicle on N.W. Main Street and ran off when confronted.

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