Forest Grove

Dec. 15

n An officer delivered a death notification for the Hillsboro Police Department along with the department chaplain.

n Police responded to a call of an out-of-control 10-year-old who wouldn’t stop hitting people.

n A man reported the theft of a $50 gift card. He suspects his own son. 

Dec. 16

n Police found an 88-year-old woman deceased.

n A man reported a theft and suspects his grandsons.

n A mother called police after her 15-year-old son became out of control. He calmed down after police arrived.

n A woman reported that her fiancé might be suicidal. Officers checked on him and he denied it. 

Dec. 17

n Officers checked on a man who was reportedly aggressive and petitioning for changes in marijuana law. The man was on the sidewalk and not breaking any laws.

n Police checked on parents who were allegedly involved in drug use. A search was allowed and no evidence was located to support the allegation.

n Police responded to a report of a man going through trash cans. The reporter also said he had entered a vehicle. He was located at Fred Meyer and arrested for possession of methamphetamine, trespassing and theft.

n Officers checked on two people who were reportedly suicidal. Both voluntarily agreed to get help. 

Dec. 18

n Safeway called police after a woman who shoplifted the night before came back into the store. She was arrested.

n A local store called after a subject attempted to purchase a $7,000 item with a stolen credit card. The purchaser never showed up.

n Police received a call after a deceased person was found by a relative at a home on Pacific Avenue. 

Dec. 19

n A woman invited her ex-husband over to visit but then called police when he started arguing with her. An officer gave the ex-husband a ride home after he agreed to leave.

n A caller on 22nd Avenue requested assistance with finding a package after she left it on top of her car before she drove away. Officers helped her look but did not locate it.

n Safeway employees called officers for assistance in getting a teenage boy to leave the bottle return area. After being told to leave, the boy walked away, but then returned and began swearing at the officers. The boy was arrested and lodged at the Washington County Juvenile Detention Center.

n An apartment resident called police after noticing a bad odor coming from a neighbor’s apartment. The neighbor had not been seen in a while and past-due utility notices were on the door. No one was found inside.


Dec. 20

n A citizen called to report that a “Hitler mustache” had been applied to a poster of President Obama in a nearby booth and wanted to know if it was legal. The caller was of German descent and was offended.

n Officers executed a search warrant on 19th Avenue for drugs. Five adults were detained and evidence to support the possession and delivery of methamphetamine was found inside. The investigation is continuing.

n Officers looked for a woman reportedly walking down the street with a “big jug of booze” and nearly falling into traffic.

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