Forest Grove

Dec. 19

n Safeway employees called officers for assistance in getting a teenage boy to leave the bottle return area. After being told to leave, the boy walked away, but then returned and began swearing at the officers. The boy was arrested and lodged at the Washington County Juvenile Detention Center.

n An apartment resident called police after noticing a bad odor coming from a neighbor’s apartment. The neighbor had not been seen in a while and past-due utility notices were on the door. No one was found inside.


Dec. 20

n A citizen called to report that a “Hitler mustache” had been applied to a poster of President Obama in a nearby booth and wanted to know if it was legal. The caller was of German descent and was offended.

n Officers executed a search warrant on 19th Avenue for drugs. Five adults were detained and evidence to support the possession and delivery of methamphetamine was found inside. The investigation is continuing.

n Officers looked for a woman reportedly walking down the street with a “big jug of booze” and nearly falling into traffic.

Dec. 22 n Officers spoke to a man who wanted to discuss the voices in his TV and drones that were flying overhead. n Police responded to Joseph Gale Elementary School on a report of a man hitting a woman. Officers found a couple arguing about the woman's intent to walk to Gaston. There was no injury or sign of any crime and both denied the argument had turned physical. n A woman called to report that her grandmother was rolling around on the ground screaming. It turned out to be a medical issue and an ambulance was called. Dec. 23 n An officer stopped to assist a stranded elderly woman who reported her motorized cart had stopped working. The officer diagnosed a wiring problem and made the repair, allowing the woman to continue on her way. n A woman reported a vehicle honking its horn and flashing headlights near Pacific Avenue and Quince Street. An officer located the vehicle at Tuality Forest Grove Hospital and it turned out to be a medical emergency. n Police responded to a family disturbance on A Street where the boyfriend of a family member had just been kicked out of the house. Dec. 24 n Police spoke to a woman who reported people coming into her house for years and wanted advice on how to keep them out by perhaps using "electronic voodoo.” She was advised against it. n Police responded to a domestic disturbance on Birch Street about housecleaning duties. n Police responded to a report of a loud explosion in the 1500 block of Hawthorne Street. Tree branches were located in the power lines, causing a power outage in the area. Forest Grove Light & Power crews responded to restore power in time for Christmas morning. Dec. 25 n Police responded to a local assisted living center to help the fire department with an automated external defibrillator.  While providing aid to the patient, another resident collapsed in the dining area. n Officers responded to a burglary of an auto mechanic shop. Entry was made by smashing the front window. n Officers looked for an intoxicated female who was allegedly harassing another female at the Plaid Pantry store. n Police checked on a pick-up that was pulled off to the side of the road with its hazard flashers on near Highway 47 and Elm Street. The truck had run out of gas. An officer gave the man a ride home. Dec. 26 n Police were called to a domestic disturbance about a family member’s drug use. n Officers were called to check on a couple having sexual relations in a car parked at the Taco Bell. The car was gone on arrival. n Officers received a report that an elderly man was not breathing on 22nd Avenue. The man was pronounced deceased.

Dec. 27

n A man called to report his birth certificate stolen but then learned his mom had it.

n Police responded to a noise disturbance at a residence in the 1900 block of Fir Road. A man was attempting to leave through a window upon police arrival. Several people inside were found with alcohol and an arrest was made for furnishing alcohol to a minor. The man leaving through the window thought that he was wanted by police, but he wasn't.

n A woman called to report what she believed was organized crime within the medical field.

Dec. 28

n Police assisted a Cornelius officer with an unwanted subject at the movie theater on 26th Avenue after a dispute about a bag of popcorn.

n A woman called to report a man hit another woman who refused to sell marijuana for him.

n Police checked the welfare of a 91-year-old woman who was not answering her phone. She was okay.

Dec. 29

n Police responded to check on a subject "playing with himself" in the street wearing only underwear, boots and a jacket. Police located a teenaged boy wearing a diaper. The boy admitted that he was wearing the diaper for sexual gratification. Police released him to a guardian and will send a referral to the Washington County Juvenile Department.

n A resident called police after observing a female place a bag under a light post on Pacific Avenue then leave the area. Police checked the bag and determined it was part of a scavenger hunt.

n A citizen called police to see if her roommate, who was moving out, was allowed to have friends help her move.

n A resident on 18th Avenue called about several cats that have died in the area.


Dec. 30

n A concerned woman called about her husband who was about to drive and had taken a prescription pain reliever. An officer arrived and informed the man he could be arrested if he drove while under the influence of the medication.

n A concerned citizen called police after observing what appeared to be an adult man hugging a 10-year-old boy. The boy turned out to be a short woman. 

n Officers placed a police hold on a woman and had her transported to the hospital after she attempted to kill herself.


Dec. 31

n A woman phoned police after an upset 11-year-old girl contacted her near Safeway. The girl was upset because her mother said mean things to her.

n Police arrested a woman after she broke a neighbor’s window, then came over and starting hitting her.

n A resident called police after finding several kittens alongside the road. An officer located the kittens and brought them to the station, where another officer agreed to care for them until they could be taken to a care facility during business hours.


Jan. 1

n A resident called police after her husband's girlfriend showed up at the house to serve divorce papers. The caller did not think this was wise.

n Police responded to a call about an 83-year-old dementia patient who was being physically aggressive. She was transported to the hospital by ambulance.

n A caller asked an officer to contact a neighbor about an issue on her behalf, as she (the caller) was susceptible to cannibalism.  

n Police arrested a man after he stole two cans of beer, a can of pop and a bag of corn nuts from Safeway.   


Jan. 2

n An officer assisted a subject in an electric wheelchair that became stranded when the chair ran out of electricity. The subject was transported to an area where recharging could take place.

n Unknown suspect(s) tore the head off a mannequin that was positioned on a porch along Maple Street.

n An employee at Jack in the Box called after noticing a male subject laying on the ground near a car and screaming. Police contacted the man who was acting intoxicated. Officers determined the man drove to the location. He was arrested for DUII and lodged at the Washington County Jail.


Jan. 3

n A woman on Main Street called police to discuss “blue bathwater” and “body magnets.” The officer contacted a mental health crisis team member to assist the caller.

n A sheriff's office in Washington state phoned Forest Grove authorities for information after receiving a call from a Forest Grove resident claiming her baby disappeared after birth in their county. Police have reason to believe this did not actually occur and provided information.

n A woman contacted police to report that her son's dog had gone blind. Officers suggested she contact a veterinarian.  

n A woman called police after her 24-year-old daughter failed to call her when she arrived home as promised. An officer contacted the daughter and asked her to give her mother a call.


Jan. 4

n A woman called police after learning her name was used to open a cable TV account in Georgia.

n A woman called police after her neighbor was trying to “hit on her.” He was not likely making a favorable impression as he also was allegedly trying to trap her cats. Police advised the subject to leave the caller alone.

n A man called to report his neighbor was trying to pick a fight with him. Officers learned the man had actually been visiting his neighbor and refused to leave the residence when asked, so he was “pushed” out without causing injury. Officers explained to the man this was legal under the circumstances and he should leave the residences of others when asked.


Dec. 16

n A hit-and-run was reported near Coastal Farm and Ranch. The complainant initially followed the suspect, but lost sight of the vehicle. Officers were not able to locate the suspect's truck and did not get the license plate number.

Dec. 17

n A citizen reported that about a week prior, his vehicle was struck in the WalMart parking lot. About $1,500 in damage occurred.

n A homeowner called to report their residence had been broken into during the day while they were at work and a gaming system was stolen.

n A woman was rear-ended while in her vehicle. The suspect agreed to pull into a nearby parking lot, but then left the area prior to exchanging information with the woman.

n Police responded to a woman who was making suicidal statements. The woman had ingested more than 70 Ibuprofen pills the day before and even more on the day police were called. She voluntarily went to the hospital.

Dec. 18

n An unknown suspect smashed the glass front door of a local market. The alarm was cut and the suspects entered the market. Money was taken from the store. A police dog came to assist but was unable to track the suspect.

n An officer arrested a woman for a warrant and possession of methamphetamine, and lodged her at the Washington County Jail.

n A woman stole a pair of headphones from WalMart and later returned one pair for cash. Police were able to find her and convince her to turn in herself in.

n After an officer stopped a driver for a traffic violation, he learned the driver was driving with a suspended license and was believed to be driving under the influence of alcohol.

Dec. 19

n Police responded to a report of a theft at WalMart. The suspect fled the area. Officers tried to track the suspect with a dog but couldn’t find him.

Dec. 20

n Officers received a call from someone who had been following a suspected driver who was intoxicated. Officers located the vehicle as it drove onto a sidewalk. When officers stopped the vehicle, the driver appeared very intoxicated. After a breath sample revealed a .17 percent blood alcohol content and was lodged at the Washington County Jail.

n Officers and medical units responded to a report of a female who had cut herself with razor blades and was no longer breathing. She was breathing when responders arrived. She was transported to the hospital.

Dec. 21

n A woman who had recently been arrested for burglary was caught shoplifting at Fred Meyer and was arrested again.

Dec. 22

n A woman reported that sometime during the night an unknown suspect broke the rear window of the car using two large rocks.

n A woman reported seeing a male stealing a metal letter off a sign. The male was located a near the sign with the letter nearby.

Dec. 23

n An employee of a business in the 200 block of N. Adair Street found a bag of marijuana in the women’s dressing room.

n A man reported someone broke the window of his Chevy Blazer overnight while it was parked in his driveway in the 1000 block of S. 4th Avenue.

n An officer responded to a 911 open line. The dispatcher could hear a male voice and what sounded like a female crying in the background. An officer located the couple and determined there were no problems. The male had the phone in his back pocket and does not know how it dialed 911.

n A woman reported four dogs were running loose near the intersection of S. 19th Avenue and Beech Street. She said the dogs charged at her and she saw the dogs attack another dog earlier. The dog owner reported that his dog was fine. Washington County Animal Control took over the call.

n A man called to report his daughter and son-in-law were currently using drugs inside the house and requested police response. Upon arrival, officers found the caller to be very intoxicated and no drugs were found.

n A woman was cited for theft after she was caught shoplifting from a business in the 200 block of N. Adair Street.

n Officers were dispatched to a business in the 200 block of N. Adair Street to check on a man who was reportedly bleeding from the face and mouth and claimed to have been hit by a car, but said he didn’t need any help. Other witnesses reported the man was actually involved in a fight with another man and both left the area prior to officers arriving.

n A man was stopped for a speeding violation and later arrested and lodged at the Washington County Jail on multiple outstanding warrants, giving false information and failure to display a license.

Dec. 24

n A woman reported her wallet stolen while she was at a business in the 100 block of N. 20th Avenue. She learned her credit card was used to make $900 in purchases.

n A woman wanted police to assist her with obtaining the license information for a hair salon in Cornelius. She apparently was not happy with her haircut and wanted to file a complaint. She was directed to contact the Oregon Health Licensing Agency (OHLA).

n A woman was cited for theft after she was caught shoplifting from a business in the 200 block of N. Adair Street.

n A residence in the 100 block of S. Alpine Street was reported to have music blaring from the back yard. An officer responded and found the music was turned down. He spoke to the residents and advised them of the city ordinance.

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