Forest Grove

Jan. 5

n Police responded to a domestic disturbance between a mother and her 57-year-old son.

n An officer stopped a car in Cornelius and arrested the driver after finding methamphetamine in his possession.

n A mother called police after an unknown subject called her son to see if he was interested in buying methamphetamine. Police are tracing the source of the call.

Jan. 6

n A man stopped by the police station and asked if it is legal to take cans from recycling bins. He was informed this would be theft.

n A woman called to report that her boyfriend was missing and possibly being held against his will. Police checked with the boyfriend’s wife, who confirmed he was not missing and not being held against his will.

n A man on 19th Avenue was reportedly sexually gratifying himself inside his residence in front of a window in plain view of the street. An officer contacted the man who claimed he was simply hanging window curtains without his pants on. The officer arrested the man for indecent exposure.

n A man called to report that someone stole his trash cans and if they were found dumped somewhere he “didn’t do it.”

Jan. 7

n A man called to report his adult child missing because he had not been able to make contact in days.

n Police responded to a man banging on a door on Hawthorne Street, a suspicious man leaning up against a dumpster on 19th Place, a passed out man in the bathroom at Safeway and an unwanted man back on Hawthorne Street. It was the same man on each call.

n An officer found a tipped over port-a-potty at Neil Armstrong Middle School and up-righted it.

Jan. 8

n Officers responded to a report of a man screaming at cars near Pacific Avenue and Laurel Street. The man was warned about the disorderly conduct statute and he agreed to stop. Police caught up with the man again later after he stole cigarettes and beer from a local business and was found with stolen items in his possession from a Hillsboro vehicle theft case.

n A man was arrested after he trespassed on Pacific University property after previously being warned to stay off the campus.

n A man called to report that there was a car parked outside of his house and heard a noise that sounded like someone trying to break his front window. The man said he had a gun and was going to go outside and shoot them. He was advised against it. The car then left the area before officers arrived. No damage was found to the window. The man was told to call 911 if anyone returned.

Jan. 9

n Police were called to assist with a 62-year-old female who was reportedly being combative at an area assisted living residence and needed medical attention. She was actually asleep the entire time police were there. She was transported to the hospital by ambulance.

n A woman reported that she received a call from “Publishers Clearing House.” When she told them she did not want to speak with them, they “wished her ill will.” She found this upsetting.

n A caller reported a man walking around A Street wearing sweatpants with a cutaway portion that exposed his genitals. Police found the man who explained he had left his home to walk to the store and didn’t realize he had a hole in his pants.

n Police investigated a hash oil manufacturing case after an explosion and two-alarm fire on 22nd Avenue.

Jan. 10

n Someone came to the station to report a jobsite injury outside Forest Grove and they thought it might be a criminal matter. It was actually a workman’s compensation issue and not something for police to handle.

n A citizen on 22nd Avenue caught a man taking items from his car and chased him down the street. Police brought a K9 tracking dog in to look for the man but did not find him.

n A man stole the tip jar in a downtown restaurant and ran away. Police are investigating.

Jan. 11

n Officers were called to investigate the death of a 26-year-old man. No foul play is suspected, but the case is still under investigation.

n A woman called police after getting a phone call from Medicare employees concerning her husband. The concern was about the fact that he had been deceased since last spring.

n Police checked a subject who was reportedly walking down the street looking in cars on 28th Avenue. Police determined the subject was an extremely intoxicated college student from the university who was cited for having alcohol in his possession a few weeks ago. He was cited again and transported to a Portland detox facility.


Dec. 25

n A woman was cited for harassment after she slapped another woman in the face in her front yard during an argument.

n An officer responded to the 2200 block of Baseline Street on a 911 hang-up call. The officer located three 12-year-olds who eventually admitted to playing with the phone. The officer lectured them and issued a warning.

n An officer provided information regarding landlord-tenant laws at a group home in the 200 block of Baseline Street.

Dec. 26

n  A man reported his cell phone number was forwarded to another number without his permission.

n A woman contacted police to report her ex-husband’s harassment. The ex-husband also contacted police to report property damage by his ex-wife. The two just recently had their divorce finalized. An officer determined this to be a civil matter.

n Items stolen earlier in December were found in a neighbor’s yard and collected by an officer.

n A man was lodged at the Washington County Jail on a probation violation.

n A landlord doing some work at his property reported kids were smoking marijuana in the garage. An officer arrived and found a marijuana pipe and bong but no marijuana. Apparently, they had smoked all of the marijuana prior to the officer’s arrival, but he seized the paraphernalia.

Dec. 27

n A man was arrested and lodged at the Washington County Jail for assault after pushing his estranged girlfriend into a wall during an argument.

n An officer went to the Washington County Jail to cite an inmate for criminal mischief. The officer had previously lodged the male on a probation violation and later discovered he damaged the inside of the patrol car while being transported to jail.

n A man was arrested for theft after loss prevention personnel caught him shoplifting at a business in the 200 block of N. Adair Street. He was also charged with two other previous theft incidents.

Dec. 28

n A resident reported possible drug use occurring at a neighbor’s house. Officers found evidence of drug activity and are investigating the complaint.

n A mother called to report that her daughter left drug paraphernalia out where her kids could access it about a month ago. The daughter had her own version of events. The officer was not able to verify either story and only had a photograph of the alleged paraphernalia. The two are reportedly involved in a custody dispute over the children/grandchildren.

n Officers assisted the Oregon State Police, Washington County sheriff’s deputies and North Plains officers with a report of a man with a gun on a bus.

n A suicidal female was taken into custody on a police officer hold and transported to the hospital.

n A man was arrested and lodged at the Washington County Jail for theft after shoplifting from a store in the 200 block of N. Adair Street. The male was also lodged on a Yamhill County warrant for theft.

Dec. 29

n A female driver was cited for failing to stop at a red light after she was involved in a crash at the intersection of Fourth Avenue and Adair Street. The impact caused the other vehicle to roll over on its side and block the roadway.

n A driver decided he was tired of a vehicle tailgating him from Hillsboro into Cornelius so he tapped his brakes to make the car back off. When that didn’t work he decided to slam on the brakes. That didn’t work either, as the other driver rear ended him. Both drivers were issued citations.

n A woman was cited for theft after shoplifting $140 worth of merchandise from a store in the 2200 block of Baseline Street.

Dec. 29 to Jan. 5

n Officers responded to Walgreens on a report that a lady had her camera and debit card stolen out of her shopping cart. The suspect used the debit card inside the store. 

n Officers received a report of a suspicious vehicle occupied by three people possibly using illegal drugs near the intersection of S. Second Avenue and S. Heather Street. The vehicle was gone before police arrived.

n Officers responded to a car accident. A driver hit a parked vehicle on N. 13th Avenue. 

n Officer responded to a case of a found dog. The reporting party decided to keep the dog until the next morning when Animal Control could be contacted.

n Officers responded to the intersection of N. 21st Avenue and N. Gray Street. Several males possibly threw a rock through the complainant’s window. Upon arrival, a neighbor reported that two suspects fled the scene running northbound.

n Officers responded to an out-of-control subject, who became angry and violent. He was believed to be on illegal substances. He was transported to Tuality Hospital, where he had to be sedated for treatment and placed on a mental health hold.

n Officers assisted another agency and checked a residence for a subject who was a potential suspect in an assault case.

n Officers responded to a traffic accident near the intersection of Baseline Street and Tenth Avenue. A driver looked down to get her purse and struck a vehicle that was stopped in front of her, pushing that vehicle into another vehicle stopped at a red light. 

n Officers arrested a subject on several outstanding warrants after he tried to hide from them. He was arrested and lodged at the Washington County Jail.

n An officer took a report that a truck was struck by a red SUV near the intersection of Baseline Street and Tenth Avenue. The driver of the SUV fled the scene prior to police arrival. 

n A driver was arrested during a traffic stop after the officer found his license was suspended and he had been arrested six times for the same offense. The driver was cited for the traffic violation and lodged at Washington County Jail.

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