Forest Grove

Feb. 16

n Police assisted in a neighborhood dispute about the placement of garbage cans.

n A man called police to complain that his ex-girlfriend was calling him names.

n A woman called police after her car wouldn’t start. She suspected some people she saw near the vehicle may have tampered with it. It turned out to simply be a dead battery.

Feb. 17

n A citizen called police after seeing two juveniles with what appeared to be an AR15 rifle. It turned out to be a pellet gun.

n A citizen called police to report the pedestrian light was not working at the crossing near Safeway. They were advised to push the button.

n A woman called to report a prowler she could hear outside her home. She suspected her estranged husband who lives two doors down.

n Officers contacted a man near the 7-Eleven store after a citizen reported he threatened someone with a knife while on the bus. The man was arrested after officers learned he had a felony warrant for his arrest and found heroin in his possession.

Feb. 18

n A resident called to complain that someone was removing pain medication from her mailbox.

n Veteran’s Affairs staff called to request an officer check on a man at a local park who they believed might be having suicidal thoughts. Police contacted the man who said he simply wanted to be alone.

n An employee at a pizza establishment reported getting harassing phone calls.

n A woman called to report her ID stolen. She believes her sister is using it in Beaverton.  

Feb. 19

n A woman called to report her daughter was refusing to return a rental car by the due date.

n Police received a call about a fight between a girl and her boyfriend. The girl grabbed a knife and took off in a vehicle. The girl reportedly has a history of cutting herself. Police looked for her and alerted neighboring agencies.

n A man called to report that several people were breaking into his vehicle. Officers determined the man was hallucinating and had him transported to the hospital for treatment of a drug overdose.

n A woman called 911 stating she “felt funny.” She acknowledged it might be from the drugs she recently used. She was transported to the hospital.

Feb. 20

n Police responded to a report of the same woman threatening to kill herself, twice in the same shift. Each time she was placed into protective custody and transported to the hospital.

n A man called police after his friend hit him in the face. The friend was cited for harassment.

n A caller reported that a subject had slurred speech and might be intoxicated in the drive-through at a restaurant. Officers contacted the subject who had a speech impediment but was not intoxicated.

Feb. 21

n A woman was cited for child neglect and Children’s Services staff was notified after officers found her 9-year-old, 3-year-old and 3-month-old children alone at home. The 9-year-old was crying and scared. Officers responded after the 3-year-old dialed 911. The mother was out “running errands,” which included picking up her 2-year-old.

n A woman reported her pain medication was stolen while she was in jail during the previous weekend.

n Officers investigated an accident involving a vehicle and pedestrian crash near 21st Avenue and A Street.

n An officer stopped a vehicle for a traffic violation and learned the passenger had three outstanding warrants. The officer also found heroin and other drugs. The passenger was lodged at the Washington County Jail.

Feb. 22

n Police contacted a man who was visiting his mother at a local assisted living center and set off a car alarm after trying a door handle on an employee’s car. It turned out the man had multiple warrants for his arrest. He was lodged at the Washington County Jail.

n A resident on Forest Gale Drive reported hearing metal banging and a dog growling from the back yard. Police determined the culprits were likely raccoons.

n Police investigated a call of a deceased person and determined it from natural causes.

n A man called police claiming that a staff member from a local assisted living center was stealing his drugs. Police determined this was not happening.


Feb. 10 to Feb. 16

n Officers assisted numerous motorists with stuck vehicles and minor crashes during the snow storm.

n A residential burglary was reported in the 400 block of South 19th Avenue. The case is under investigation.

n Officers were called to a report of a domestic assault. Upon arrival, officers determined no assault occurred and it was a verbal dispute between roommates. Both were given information on legal options for landlord-tenant issues to remedy the situation. Officers were called back a short time later, this time the dispute was over the use of the washing machine.

n A resident reported his vehicle broken into and damaged overnight. Nothing was missing.

n A parent reported her teenage son as a runaway after he left home and failed to return. This is an ongoing problem with the teen continuously leaving home without permission and not returning.

n Parents called police on an unwanted person after their 13-year-old daughter invited a 14-year-old boy to the house against her parents’ wishes. Officers spoke to the kids and parents. The boy was trespassed from the property.

n A city parks employee reported that someone had driven a vehicle into Dogwood Park and damaged the grass.

n A business in the 200 block of North Adair Street reported a theft after a woman returned merchandise she selected from within the store and did not pay for. The female fled from the store before police arrived. Officers are familiar with her and are following up on the case.

n A shopper reported their car was hit and damaged by another car while parked at a store in the 2200 block of Baseline Road. Officers were able to obtain witness information and have identified a possible suspect.

n An officer received a complaint of loud music in the 1300 block of South 15th Avenue. He located an intoxicated man who was blasting his music. Officers advised the man to turn it down and he complied.

n Officers received a report of a disturbance between a man and woman in the 1500 block of North Holladay Street. The couple was having a verbal disagreement related to landlord-tenant issues.

n An officer responded to a report of a disturbance in the 400 block of South Seventh Avenue. A father reported his adult son was acting strange and having some sort of mental problem he believed to be associated with drug use. Officers determined that no crime was committed and provided information on resources and options available. Police were called back several more times with the same outcome. The son is refusing to seek counseling and the father is refusing to look into any of the other options provided by officers.

n A citizen reported a disturbance in the parking lot of a business in the 2200 block of Baseline Street. A woman was reportedly beating on the windows of a car. A man was sitting inside the car. The vehicle and people involved were gone upon police arrival.

n A motorist reported a fight between two males in the parking lot of a business in the 100 block of North 19th Avenue. Officers learned that a man was standing in the area holding a political sign (Impeach Obama). A second man in a white truck drove by and flipped off the sign holder who then flipped off the truck driver. The truck driver pulled over and ran back towards the sign holder and a physical altercation occurred between the two men. The sign holder received a minor injury to his knee. The truck and driver left the scene before police arrived.

n A parent was having difficulty corralling her out-of-control 7-year-old son who was running from her in a parking lot in the 1500 block of North Adair Street. An officer arrived and assisted with bringing the boy under control and getting him into his mom’s car.

n An intoxicated man called 911 asking for help. A female was heard in the background, yelling “No you don’t” and “Get in the car.” An officer responded to the location, where he found a woman trying to get her very intoxicated husband into the car. The officer provided some assistance and the couple left the area.

n A school secretary reported receiving a phone call from a man who was angry that the reader board in front of the school is all in Spanish.

n A man was issued a traffic citation after neighbors called to report him driving a go-cart in the road way.

n A woman reported a domestic disturbance between her and her adult brother. Officers attempted to contact her but she was no longer at the scene and would not answer her phone. The siblings’ mother also called and reported that her son had damaged property at the home. While officers were at the scene, the woman returned and confessed to officers she stole her mom’s car and wrecked it down the street. The woman was later issued a criminal citation related to the crash.

n A business in the 1000 block of Baseline Street reported an unwanted man who was refusing to leave. He was gone when police arrived but returned an hour later. An officer contacted the man who was intoxicated but cooperative. Business owners did not want to press charges. The male was warned of criminal trespass and the officer gave him a ride to his home.

n A property manager reported a suspicious vehicle parked in a reserved space in a mobile home park. A female inside the vehicle appeared to have been beaten up and a male was seen walking away. An officer later located the vehicle with the male driving and the female still inside. The female had bruising to her face that appeared to be a few days old but denied being assaulted by the male. She was uncooperative with officers. The male was issued a citation for driving while suspended.

n A female reported her wallet and iPod were stolen from her unlocked car while it was parked in the 200 block of North Adair Street.

n A man was arrested and lodged at the Washington County Jail on an outstanding warrant for failure to appear on a DUII and reckless driving charge.

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