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March 2

n Police checked on a woman who was concerned about people being inside her daughter’s body and admitted that she would try to do harm in removing them. She was placed in police protective custody and transported to the hospital for a mental health evaluation.

n Police checked on a report of three males, one of them armed with a machete in the area of Pacific Avenue and Quince Street. They found nobody upon arrival.

n A caller reported that people from an apartment were smoking marijuana in the complex laundry room. Officers contacted the residents of the apartment who were clearly “stoned” but denied smoking.

March 3

n Police stopped to help a man, who in addition to being intoxicated, was also trying to navigate with a walker due to a recent hip injury. He was given a ride home and assisted into his room.

n Police assisted in helping a college student who overdosed on Nyquil and a prescription drug. The student was placed in protective custody and transported to the hospital by ambulance.

March 4

n Officers were called after a man was seen “sniffing something” out of a bottle and then began yelling at the trees near the area of 19th Avenue and Filbert Street. He was last seen boarding an eastbound Tri-Met bus.

n Officers looked for a green Ford pickup in the area of University Avenue and Sunset Drive after it was reported the driver was asking 18- to19-year-old girls to get inside and go to lunch with him. Officers did not find the truck or any indication that there were takers on the lunch offer.


March 5

n Police looked for a man who reportedly was pretending to “flash” cars near 21st Avenue and Main and then would chase after them. Officers did not find the man in the area. Later, officers found a subject high on methamphetamine on University Avenue and determined this was likely the same subject. 

n Police were called after a woman suffering from mental health problems left the hospital and refused treatment. Officers were unable to assist as the woman was not otherwise posing a threat to others or herself. Police called Washington County mental health services after the woman went to a residence asking for help and they agreed to make arrangements for her to get somewhere safe. 

n Officers were called to help a woman who was reportedly in the parking lot of a business and wanted to hurt herself. Police took the woman into protective custody and transported her to the hospital.

n A man left a care facility after throwing furniture because of voices in his head. Officers caught up to the man after he walked into the emergency room at the hospital to get help. A physician at the hospital agreed to treat the man.

n A man on Pacific Avenue suffering mental health issues called a crisis line for help. Police and medical crews responded. The man was transported to the hospital.

March 6

n Police investigated after Children’s Services received information that a 4-year-old child reported that his mother injured his hand. The officer learned the injury was a paper cut and did not involve anything criminal.

n Police responded to two 911 hang-up calls at the same two residences. The homeowners denied calling 911. It was determined there was a malfunction with telephone equipment.

n Goodwill employees called after they found a man lying near the donation door saying his back hurt. They also reported an RV in the parking lot and wanted the occupant warned that they could not spend the night in the lot. Police contacted the man at the donation door who declined medical assistance and was given a bus pass to get back to Portland. The man in the RV was contacted as well. He stated he was just trying on pants he bought at the store and would be leaving soon.

n Police checked on dogs whose owners were in the hospital. It was not clear whether the dogs were being cared for. Police contacted a neighbor and will check back at the residence.

March 7

n Police received a report of a female lying on the ground near Ace Hardware. They searched the area but were not able to find her.

n Officers responded to an assault call after a boy got into a physical fight with his older sister and sustained scratches. The sister left the scene before police arrived.

n Police investigated an incident where an unknown person hacked into an email account and began sending inappropriate messages to people.

March 8

n Officers checked on a man slumped behind the wheel of a truck on Highway 47 near Oak Street with an open bottle of alcohol visible in the cab. A Washington County Sheriff’s Officer assisted at the scene and the man was arrested for DUII. A handgun was also located in the cab of the truck.

n Officers responded to an attempted suicide where a teenager drank two gulps of bleach. The teen was taken into protective custody and transported to the hospital by ambulance.

n Officers responded to an accidental misfire of a shotgun through the ceiling of a two story apartment complex while the owner was trying to clean it. Fortunately, the man lived on the second story and no one was hurt.

n Police responded with medical crews to help a person with mental health issues who had a history of hitting himself. Officers ensured the scene was safe before fire/medical crews entered.

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