March 30

n A resident called police about a strange vehicle in his driveway. It turned out to be a neighbor’s.

n Another resident called police after her neighbor backed into her as she was pulling out of her driveway. The caller was now having back pain.

n Police responded to a disturbance between a father and son over a backpack.

n Officers responded to a call about a student who was feeling suicidal because of pressures at school. She was placed in police custody for her safety and transported to the hospital.

March 31

n Detectives are investigating an elderly abuse case where a son is allegedly defrauding his elderly father.

n A man leaving a local convenience store dropped his bike and belongings and ran from an officer after the officer simply greeted him and asked, “How’s it going?” Officers found the man’s brother, who retrieved the belongings and could not explain why his brother would have reacted that way.

n A man called police for help after his girlfriend cut her wrist. Police transported the girlfriend to the hospital on a police hold.

n A local convenience store employee called police after becoming suspicious of four people who had been in the store for a long time. Officers found the subjects after they left the store. They had simply purchased a large quantity of snack food.

April 1

n Police received a call about a bird flying around in a vacant building near 21st Avenue and Douglas Street. It was flying into windows and possibly getting hurt. Officers resolved the problem.

n Detectives are investigating another possible elder abuse case involving financial exploitation in triple figures.

n A woman called police and said her husband was harassing her and pulling her hair. The husband denied any wrongdoing and a third party could not corroborate the woman’s story.

n A citizen called to report his neighbor yelling and screaming about things that were political in nature. The man went inside his apartment, but continued yelling and hitting things.

April 2

n A man called police after getting a phone call from “the government” asking him to send them $300 and they would return $8,000. He sent the $300 before realizing it was a scam.

n A resident called police after finding a man camping in her front yard. Officers told the man to move along.

n Police assisted medical personnel with a combative 76-year-old woman.

n A citizen called police about an ongoing issue with her neighbor slamming doors and making noise.

April 3

n Police were called to check on a man masturbating in a carport. He was gone when officers arrived but they will be visiting the address later to investigate further.

n Police were called after a juvenile became angry after getting grounded from X-Box use and stuck a knife in his mother’s bedroom door. The subject barricaded himself in his bedroom with other possible weapons upon police arrival. Police forced entry into the bedroom and restrained the subject. He was charged with harassment and peace was restored.

n Officers assisted Cornelius police officers after a man armed himself with a screwdriver and threatened to kill himself.

n Officers responded to a loud crash heard in what was supposed to be a vacant apartment above the caller. Officers found a new tenant who had just moved in and was setting up their bed.

n Officers received a complaint of loud music and singing coming from a local church.

April 4

n A citizen contacted police regarding an online dating situation that was possibly a solicitation for an escort.

n Police received a report of a man sitting outside at a location on Main Street with his pants down, talking to people who weren’t there. Officers spoke to the man and warned him to keep his pants on.

n After responding to a call about a theft from a local cigarette shop, officers reviewed video surveillance from the business. Officers then located the suspect walking nearby and arrested her. She was lodged at the Washington County Jail.

April 5

n A caller phoned police after a woman showed up at their door not wearing shoes or socks. Police contacted the woman who was coming down off taking drugs. She was arrested for trespassing after visiting a second location and ringing the doorbell and then refusing to leave.

n A man was arrested near 18th Avenue and B Street after he was stopped and officers determined he was driving under the influence of methamphetamine.

n Police responded to a large party involving 40 to 50 college-age students near Cedar Street and 23rd Avenue. Officers were able to detain several subjects for minor in possession of alcohol while the others escaped while running away and screaming “police.”

n A woman called police after her ex-boyfriend wouldn’t stop texting her. The boyfriend was contacted, informed on the law and told to stop texting.

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