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Nemeyer Facebooks about 'heck of a week'


Forest Grove Fire Marshal Dave Nemeyer felt the weight of last week’s tragedies and offered these thoughts on the Forest Grove Fire & Rescue Facebook page:

Well Grovers, it’s been a heck of a week hasn’t it? Times like these are fortunately rare for our community, yet it’s unfortunately inevitable that they will happen again, so why don’t we all just sit back and take a breath right now and enjoy the day we do have. Smile to a neighbor and say good morning to random people you pass on the sidewalk, read a book to a child or play tag in the yard, bring some flowers to that special someone, take a walk in the evening and go find a nice place to watch the sun disappear over the Coast Range and wish upon that first star you see. Pop some pop corn and watch a good movie, drink an exceptional cup of tea or coffee, and this weekend when the weather is gorgeous spend the day outside doing whatever you wish and then fire up the grill and enjoy the delicious meal that you created. Cherish the moment, relax, love the ones that love you back, and just remember that nothing is promised to us so why not make the best of it while we have it.

We are honored to be your neighbors, we are thankful for every single one of you, and we look forward to dusting ourselves off and moving on to happier days.

— Your Friendly Neighborhood Firefighters