April 13

n A man from Brooklyn, N.Y., called regarding someone from Forest Grove using his personal information to open a Comcast account.

n A woman called police to report that her ex-boyfriend was saying hurtful things about her on Facebook.

n Police responded to a call of a man jumping in front of cars and chasing people near Safeway. He was located and lodged at the Washington County Jail for possession of methamphetamine.

n Officers responded to a call of a 9-year-old boy throwing knives and other objects at children. 

April 14

n An ex-firefighter from a jurisdiction in a neighboring county called to ask if the Pacific University students involved in the fatal crash were wearing seatbelts. The man went on to say that he was against wearing seatbelts and has personally received 10 tickets for failing to wear his. The man did not say why he was no longer a firefighter.

n A parent called police after her son refused to go to school. The officer had a chat with the boy and he changed his mind.

n Officers responded to a domestic disturbance between a mother and adult daughter about who was going to take care of the daughter’s children.

April 15

n A man called police after arriving home to find his front door kicked in and a strange man sleeping on his couch. Officers confronted the man, who stated he had too much to drink the night before and entered the wrong house. The man was cited for trespassing and criminal mischief.

n A woman called police to report that she received a call from someone stating she won a drawing worth $2 million and simply needed to send $1,250 to claim her prize. She did not fall for the scam.

n Police responded to a local business after an employee’s boyfriend came in and started yelling at her for cheating on him and demanding that she get into his truck.

n Officers responded to a volatile physical domestic disturbance on Pacific Avenue between a husband and wife. The husband was arrested for assault, strangulation, burglary and a violation of a restraining order.

April 16

n A citizen reported a vehicle crashed into a tree and the driver walked away on E Street near 23rd Avenue. Officers found the driver at home who thought it was okay to leave his truck there until morning without calling anyone. He was issued several traffic citations.

n A caller requested an officer be present while she discussed property rights with her sister. She was instead advised to call if things got heated.

n A citizen called police to complain about a neighbor aiming security cameras at her hot tub.

n Police checked on an elderly man who was pacing in a cul-de-sac asking to use a phone to call his father. He walked away crying. Officers found the man and learned he had dementia. His father had been deceased a long time. A family member was contacted and they responded to take the man home.

April 17

n Several more calls were received regarding taxes already being filed by scammers seeking refunds.

n A man called to complain that his wife was hiding the car from him and wanted police to get it back. He asked for sheriff’s deputies to assist since Forest Grove officers would not help him. Officers tried to explain to the man that unless awarded property in a divorce settlement, the car also belonged to his wife.

n Officers dealt with an upset daughter who was harassing her mother because she was getting back together with her father.

n A caller requested an officer check on a friend who the caller believed was being brainwashed by a man of a particular religious faith and ended the friendship. An officer checked on the friend, who insisted she is fine and ended the friendship because of the caller’s issues with the religion.

April 18

n Officers arrested a 19-year-old driver who was allegedly intoxicated. She was charged with DUII and Minor in Possession.

n A resident called police after a neighbor’s dog bit their daughter.

n Another resident called police about a subject fraudulently filing their taxes using their social security number.

April 19

n A man identifying himself as a 31-year-old Green Beret and Navy Seal member, called to report that caregivers at a local medical facility were abusing patients and not waking them for breakfast. Officers learned the man is actually a 71- year-old patient of the facility who is bi-polar and suffering from delusions.

n A woman called police and reported that her husband had been drinking for four months straight and wanted him to leave the house. Officers attempted to talk with the man but he refused to answer the door. They could see him through a window, but he remained on the couch while giving officers the “one-finger wave.” The wife and daughter decided to go to a family member’s home for the night.

n Police responded to an address after a woman reported that her husband drank nine glasses of whiskey. He was transported to the hospital by ambulance.

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