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Police log


April 20

n A man was arrested in the Safeway parking lot after officers found heroin in his possession.

n Police responded to a woman yelling for help near Talisman Lane. They found two people who had been engaged in a fight. The female went to jail on a warrant. The male was charged with harassment.

n Police assisted the fire department with a caller who reported hearing a woman in distress. The woman was bedridden and could not wake her husband.

April 21

n Officers assisted with an intoxicated high school student who decided to consume vodka before going to school. She was transported home and cited with Minor in Possession. The officer had to clean up after the student got sick.

n A man called police because his ex-girlfriend was trying to contact him via Facebook.

n Officers contacted a suspicious person who was going door-to-door attempting to buy used cars. He checked out okay.

April 22

n Police checked on political protesters at Safeway, who were reportedly blocking the driveway. After they made an adjustment to one of the signs, they were no longer blocking.

n A woman contacted police to find out her court date from an arrest the previous month. Officers let her know it was the next day.

n A woman called police to report that someone was using her tax ID number and she was contacted by the government in California for past due property taxes.

April 23

n A man contacted police to complain that a neighbor was pointing a camera at his yard. Officers told him this was not against the law.

n A woman called to report that she thinks her son is sneaking into the house and taking things from her purse.

n A caller reported that two nine- to 10-year old boys were “mooning girls last year” and “peeing in the street this year” at an area bus stop.

n Detectives are investigating a babysitter that allegedly inappropriately touched a child.

April 25

n Officers contacted a couple behind the Burlingham Feed building being “inappropriately affectionate” with each other. They were advised to find a more suitable and private location.

n A bar patrol worker contacted police after her fiancé got kicked out for trying to “work out a problem” with another individual at a local establishment. Police advised her it was the establishment’s right to refuse service and that this was not a police matter.

n A man called police after his estranged wife broke his television and a window.

April 26

n A mother contacted police after her child reported that he was beaten by his father while visiting him. Police contacted the father who said he simply spanked the child after he lied. The child then admitted that he had made up the story and was lying (again).

n An anonymous caller phoned police to report that his neighbors were putting their trash cans out when it was not even trash day.

n An officer stopped a vehicle for traveling the wrong way on a one-way street in the 2400 block of Pacific Avenue. The 19-year-old driver was arrested for DUII. Two intoxicated 17-year-old passengers were cited for minor in possession of alcohol and for curfew.