May 26 to June 8

n A resident reported two suspicious vehicles parked in a cul-de-sac. People were transferring things from one vehicle to another and are known to associate with drug users. They drove off toward Hillsboro.

n A stolen iPhone was tracked to Cornelius. Officers spoke to the homeowner who does not think anyone in his family brought home a missing iPhone. He lives there with his wife, daughters and brother-in-law. Officers will follow-up.

n A fence was tagged with graffiti.

n A credit card and bus pass were stolen. Officers have suspect information.

n A 26-year-old woman overdosed on rubbing alcohol.

n A GPS was stolen from an unlocked vehicle.

n A 19-year-old man was being aggressive toward his parents and throwing and breaking things. He is emotionally unstable. He was transported to the hospital for evaluation. After being released, he went home and started threatening his parents again. An officer put a second police hold on him and took him to the hospital again.

n An anonymous complainant reported that someone was riding an ATV on the road. Officers arrived and contacted the group. They were advised to not ride on the roadway.

n Unidentified males driving a maroon Dodge pickup stole an exhaust system and muffler from a yard. A picture of the pickup was obtained.

n Morphine was stolen from a home.

n An off-duty Forest Grove Police Officer observed erratic driving. The driver did not successfully complete sobriety tests and was issued a citation in lieu of arrest.

n A woman was experiencing mental health issues. She voluntarily went for treatment via ambulance.

n The wind set off an alarm system.

n A caller reported receiving threatening phone calls and messages. He allowed the suspect to store his vehicle and other items on his property until recently when he told the man to remove his stuff. The suspect has a misdemeanor warrant for theft.

n A short male with a hooded jacket was seen walking up the driveway at a location. Police contacted the residents who were asleep. They said no one should have been there. They consented to a search of the property and officers found a pickup door ajar.

n A complainant was receiving threatening text messages from a former friend. The behavior rises to the level of harassment but the complainant didn’t want to pursue criminal prosecution at this time. The officer spoke to the suspect on the phone. He is very hostile and verbally threatening. He was advised to cease any and all threatening contact with complainants and if he did not, he would be arrested. He made some threats about coming to the location with several Aryan Nation or Brother Speed friends. Officers advised him that if he did so, he would go to jail and his friends would accompany him. An officer is going to maintain contact with the complainants and closely monitor the situation.

n A woman reported receiving continuous threats from her ex-boyfriend. She worries that bicycles, a generator and compressor left on her property by her ex-boyfriend might be stolen because “he is a thief.”

n Officers received a complaint about an abandoned vehicle parked in front of their house for three days. The car owner is from California and visiting family across the street.

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