Ripples of Forest Grove love (rocks) turn into social-media wave, touching Troutdale shores

Love Rocks join the memorial at Reynolds High School, where two freshmen died in a school shooting. Thank you for coming to our community, a resident wrote on the Love Rocks Facebook page. I have 2 daughters that attend Reynolds and were there when this tragedy happened.Abigail Robinson and Anna Dieter-Eckerdt may have gone to heaven, as their parents say, but their energy and love are still rocketing around Forest Grove and beyond — most recently in Troutdale and West Linn on a heartbreaking Father’s Day.

The Forest Grove stepsisters, aged 11 and 6 when they died in a traffic accident last October, first made Love Rocks for their parents’ wedding three years ago, Mod-Podging cut-out fabric hearts onto rocks and handing them out to guests.

Tom Robinson and Susan Dieter-Robinson now use Love Rocks to grieve their daughters creatively and constructively — by sending their love for the girls and the girls’ love for life back out into the world where it can make a difference like Abigail and Anna would have.

The idea is to create Love Rocks and leave them where they can brighten the day of a stranger or where a friend in need will find them and take comfort.

This past weekend, that meant leaving them all around Troutdale, the site of a recent school shooting, and West Linn, where two teenagers died in a car crash.

The Love Rocks Facebook page,, has chronicled the rapid growth of the Love Rocks phenomenon, both in numbers and geographic scope, with participants now leaving Love Rocks in other cities, states and countries. Nearly 5,400 people have “liked” the page.

Tuesday, June 10, the most coordinated Love Rocks campaign yet began with this post from Susan: “Anyone out there making Love Rocks and live close to Reynolds High School? My heart is heavy this afternoon thinking about all the families impacted. The city of Troutdale needs to be Love Rocked ... anyone want to help?”

The post got 350 likes, 22 shares and 45 comments.

“Ok ... here’s what I’m thinking,” Susan wrote a little while later. “Troutdale is going to need what Forest Grove gave to Tom and I ... tons and tons of love. If you have Love Rocks available or can make some bring them to Anna and Abigail’s tree ... I’ll put a bucket out. I’m thinking on Sunday, Father’s Day, Tom and I will drive to Troutdale and deliver the Love Rocks. We will hide them, go door to door, pass out to everyone we see ... we will basically drench the town in Love! by: PHOTOS COURTESY OF FACEBOOK.COM/LOVEDRENCHED - This particular Love Rock captures the bittersweet mix of joy, love and desolation that can all be part of grieving the loss of a beloved child. The comforting, heart-shaped symbol of love is made from the words of Psalm 88: O lord God of my salvation, I have cried day and night before thee  For my soul is full of troubles  Thou hast laid me in the lowest pit, in darkness, in the deeps. Thy wrath lieth hard upon me, and thou hast afflicted me with all thy waves.

“If you would like to join us I will post details when we will be heading there. Thank you all for responding to my previous post .... this Love Rock thing is bigger than I ever imagined. I know that there are two little girls welcoming a young boy into Heaven today ... we need to take care of his family and community. Let’s do what we know how to do ... LOVE!!!”

That post drew 1,060 likes, 246 shares and 87 comments, including these:

“This is awesome!!! I can deliver some to troutdale. You just tell me where to leave them!”

“Thank you for something tangible.”

“I’m in! What a great way to spend Fathers Day!”

“I love it. I’ve been wanting to make my first batch.”

“I’m so very inspired ... placing them around Seattle area ... King and Pierce Counties.”

“This is such a beautiful idea. I can’t stop crying.”

“Our family just made a bagful, we were going to take them to Reno on our trip next week. I would love to drop them off for this instead.”

“I just looked up their school colors: forest green, silver, and white ... I think I will get some fabric in these specific colors so that Reynolds knows they are specially for them!” 

“My daughter and I made some ... I am new to this movement, what is the address that we bring them to.”

“West Linn is in BIG need of

LoveRocks too and my boys and I would love to help make some.”

Before Sunday was over, Troutdale residents began reporting in to the Facebook page.

“So very kind and thoughtful. My daughter was at the school when this tragedy occurred.”

“I just found one outside my work in troutdale! Thanks for the love!”

Tom Robinson (far right, with puppy Linus) couldnt imagine a better way to celebrate Fathers Day this year than by spreading Love Rocks -- and Abigails and Annas love -- through a grieving Troutdale and West Linn.Susan ended the day with a few final posts:

“Last week I called Tom and asked if he minded if we went to Troutdale to spread Love and Joy on Father’s Day, a day I knew would be difficult for him. He said he couldn’t imagine a better way to celebrate!

“Thank you to everyone that contributed in some way today — a community came together to spread love and joy. It was a beautiful day.”

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