Forest Grove

July 6

n A man called police dispatch and admitted he had purchased drugs the day before and then shared and used those drugs with friends. He wanted to know what would happen to him.

n A woman called police to report that her husband’s co-worker was harassing her on Facebook and accusing her of having an affair with her husband.

n Officers responded to check a dog locked in a vehicle. Upon arrival, the owner was on scene and had let the dog out. The dog owner was warned about leaving a pet in a vehicle when it is hot.

n Police investigated a case of potentially inappropriate touching between residents at an assisted living center. The touching was apparently consensual.


July 7

n Police responded to a reported theft from a vehicle in progress. It turned out to be individuals attempting to retrieve a kitten from the engine compartment of a Habitat for Humanity truck.

n Police checked on an elderly woman near Sunset Drive and Willamina Avenue who was reportedly mumbling to herself about needing to get home. She walked all the way from Quince Street. An officer gave the woman a ride home.

n An apartment manager called police after tenants, who were being evicted, started taking pictures of employees. No law was being broken.


July 8

n Police were called to a residence after a boy was reportedly throwing water balloons and a glass at others. When officers arrived, they found the boy in the backyard with a T-shirt around his neck trying to commit suicide. The boy was transported to the hospital.

n A citizen called police after reportedly being charged at by a Pomeranian and a Chihuahua near 15th Avenue and Filbert Street.

n Police checked a vacant residence after getting a report of an extremely foul smell coming from inside. Officers found a freezer with no power to it full of rotting meat.

n Police transported a man to the hospital after he threatened to commit suicide. He was later released from the hospital and again threatened to commit suicide. Police transported him back to the hospital.

July 9

n A woman reported she believed she was being stalked by someone riding Tri-Met. She came to the police station after her roommates told her police found the man with pictures of her in his possession. The woman found her roommates were playing a trick on her when police told her it was not true.

n A resident on Douglas Street called police after a man walked off with one of their paver stones. Police contacted the man, who was having mental health issues. He returned the paver stone. Officers returned to the area after another resident reported a man acting strange in their back yard. A third resident called after seeing the man trying to climb a fence into another yard. Officers caught the man, who had white powder around his mouth that he claimed was from a donut. Officers requested medical response. The powder was likely from 16 unaccounted for pills from his medication. The man was transported to the hospital.

n A man reported his bicycle stolen from his back yard. He later called to report that he found it parked at the library.


July 10

n A man reported fraud after sending $1,800 to a suspect after he was promised $7,000 in return.

n A female UPS driver reported that a man opened the door with his genitals showing each time she delivered a package.

n A man called and asked police to force his roommate out after learning he ran up a $200 cable bill ordering pay-per-view pornography.  The man was given information on the proper eviction process.

July 11

n An officer stopped two skateboarders and warned them about safe riding practices after he observed one of them crash into a parked car.

n Police checked on an intoxicated man who was reportedly “humping a wall” and then walking into traffic. The man was contacted and told to leave the walls alone.

n A woman called to say that a police officer had entered her home around 9:30 p.m. and that she had their radio. The woman was advised that an officer was not in her neighborhood at that time and that police would not have entered her home unannounced. All radios were accounted for.

July 12

n A woman called requesting that police make her boyfriend leave. She was advised on following the proper eviction process since her boyfriend lived with her.

n Officers responded to a report of a loud party on Kingwood Street. It was actually children playing in a back yard.

n Police assisted the fire department in blocking streets off during a house fire.

n A man showed up at the hospital and started arguing with staff when he could not get narcotics. Police arrived and found methamphetamine on the man. He was arrested for possession of the drug and also lodged on a warrant for his arrest.

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