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July 27

n A woman called and requested a welfare check on her husband. He apparently was not answering her calls at the house. Police checked and learned the husband was fine. He was just avoiding her calls so he didn’t get yelled at. 

n Police responded to a domestic disturbance between a man and woman on 22nd Place. Both agreed to separate for the evening.

n A caller reported that while at the store, a subject dropped a knife in front of them and turned around to pick it up. The subject then dropped the knife again but kept walking. Police seized the knife for safekeeping.

n Witnesses helped police find a theft suspect after a man took a woman’s cell phone at a local establishment. The man was walking down the street near the scene of the crime. Officers arrested the suspect after witnesses pointed him out.

July 28

n A resident called police after a man called offering to help fix a program on their computer. It seemed somewhat legitimate until the man starting talking about pornography.

n A couple from Berlin attending a wedding at a local establishment became intoxicated and started arguing. Both were convinced to go to bed and sleep it off before their flight back home.

n A manager at a local apartment complex called police after backing into a child on a tricycle. No one was injured but the man wanted the incident documented.

July 29

n Officers responded to a local convenience store where two men were fighting over an alleged dent to a car door. 

n Police responded to a rear-end crash at a local coffee shop drive-through. A woman was transported to the hospital after she complained of neck and back pain. Officers observed no damage to either car.

n A citizen received a phone call from someone claiming to be from the IRS advising to wire money immediately to avoid getting arrested on a warrant. The would-be victim did not fall for it.

n A woman called police because another woman who used to work with her was saying bad things about her. Officers determined there was no crime.

July 30

n An intoxicated man contacted police at the station and reported that he had been assaulted by a tall, long-haired Italian. The rest of the description and details were too vague for proper investigation.

n A man contacted police to report he was backed into by another driver seven months ago. He exchanged information but waited four months before making contact. He has been arguing with the other driver for the past several months over getting reimbursed for repair. He wanted police to intervene and force the other driver to pay. Police were not able to assist because of the time that has gone by.

n Police responded to a domestic disturbance about food.

July 31

n A woman reported a possible prowler after seeing a flashlight in her back window and feared it might be her ex-boyfriend. Officers arrived and found the ex-boyfriend in the area. He was trespassed to never return to the property.

n Forest Grove officers assisted the Washington County Sheriff’s Office in Cornelius after shots were fired.

n Officers checked on a man who was reportedly acting strange and walking around in his socks on Pacific Avenue.

Aug. 1

n Police responded to a disturbance between a TriMet bus driver and a passenger about which bus was going to leave first from the B Street Transfer Station.

n A caller reported her sister sent pictures to someone over the Internet who then used the pictures to set up a fake profile.

n A man called police to report harassing phone calls from an unknown female accusing him of being a telemarketer.

Aug. 2

n A man called police after catching his 11-year-old stepson kissing the 5-year-old daughter of a friend.

n Police responded to a disturbance and cited a man for punching another man because the other man picked up his girlfriend.

n Officers checked on a man who reportedly made suicidal threats via text. The man was just upset that a family member was trying to gain custody of his daughter and he did not want to hurt himself.

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