Aug. 3

n A 7-year-old child called police to report his mother and boyfriend fighting.

n Officers responded to a call about a deceased person and determined they died from natural causes.

n Officers received a call about a man talking and yelling with no one else was around. Officers found the man who was talking to the wind. They told him to keep it down.

Aug. 4

n Officers responded with fire department staff on a report of an out-of-control patient.

n A woman in a motorized wheelchair called for help after getting stuck in the mud. Officers were able to free her and she went on her way.

n A woman called for assistance after her daughter’s friend, who was invited to the home the night before, would not leave.

n Police responded to a fight involving a knife. One man was transported to the hospital with a stab wound to his neck. The investigation is continuing.

Aug. 5

n Police investigated after a man called stating he found his wife deceased. Officers determined she died from natural causes.

n A man reported that he was attacked by his daughter and her friend.

n A man called police after his brother invited friends over, drank too much alcohol and passed out on his couch. Someone also stole money from his wallet. Officers checked on the man’s brother and learned he was on probation and was not allowed to consume alcohol. He was arrested and lodged at the Washington County Jail.

n A woman complained that an unknown person was sending unwanted nude photos to her phone. Officers showed her how to block the number.

Aug. 6

n A man was arrested for harassment after pulling his girlfriend’s hair during an argument.

n Police responded to a domestic disturbance where a father was arguing with his step-daughter over chores.

n A caller phoned police about a transient living behind some property and was concerned about the fire hazard.

Aug. 7

n Police responded to a call of a man who jumped from a moving vehicle on B Street. Officers spoke to the man, who stated he was in an argument with his girlfriend in the car when she told him to get out, so he did. The man was warned that his actions could have had undesirable consequences.

n Police responded to a group home where a resident was throwing things. Officers took the man into protective custody and transported him to a hospital.

n A man called requesting police check his apartment as he was afraid his daughter would arrive and try to get inside. His residence was found secure.

Aug. 8

n A woman notified police that someone called claiming to be her grandson and said they were locked up in a Canadian jail needing money. She realized it was a scam attempt.

n Police responded with fire and rescue personnel to a report of a truck and fifth-wheel crashing into a building at Highway 47 and Elm Street.

n A woman reported hearing noises upstairs and believed someone might be in the house. Officers checked and found the culprit was the family cat.

n Police responded to a domestic dispute. A man got upset and broke a television.

Aug. 9

n A woman complained that her ex-husband was following her vehicle and calling her and her boyfriend names.

n A woman called police to report that while she was driving she observed a man who had fallen and needed medical attention. It was unfortunate that she also had been drinking and was arrested for DUII after police arrived.

n Police responded to the parking lot of the bowling alley on a report of a male trying to run over a female. Officers contacted a woman who explained that she and a girl her fiancé was seeing on the side got together and confronted the fiancé. He became angry and peeled out to try and catch her.

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