Aug. 17

n A concerned caller contacted police about a white truck parked nearby with a box in the bed that said “Dynamite.” Officers found the truck parked in a driveway. The box was a generator that indeed said “Dynamite,” which was also the brand name of the generator.

n Officers helped with traffic control after a truck hauling 11,000 gallons of fuel encountered a brake lock and blocked traffic on Pacific Avenue near Quince Street for nearly two hours. 

n A man caught a female inside his vehicle on Pacific Avenue and called police. The woman was gone when police arrived but not before she had a chance to steal the man’s cell phone and “weed pipe.”

Aug. 18

n Officers responded to a report of a man at Safeway yelling things at customers. Police found the man, who appeared to be having mental health issues. He declined offers of assistance and boarded a bus headed for Portland.

n A woman called police after her in-laws refused to return her cat.

n Officers were called to assist with an out of control 6-year-old who was suffering extreme emotional distress and being held down by his grandfather. The child was transported to the hospital by ambulance. 

n A man called to report issues with his son. Police only found the caller and no one else was in sight. The man then reported there was a large party in the street and kids were filling the police cars with water. Again, officers were alone with the caller and the patrol cars remained dry. Officers had a crisis team member respond to assist the man.    

Aug. 19

n A mother called for help dealing with her daughter, who has recently used drugs. She didn’t believe the caller was her mother but an imposter who had plastic surgery to look like her mother.

n A woman called 9-1-1 saying she needed help but didn’t know what kind. Officers arrived and found the woman extremely intoxicated. A man in the residence said the woman woke up from sleep and suddenly started screaming that she “needed a lighter.”

n A man called police concerned about a female co-worker. The man had been chatting with her via Facebook and she referenced various topics including past suicide attempts when she suddenly stopped responding. Officers checked on the co-worker, who had simply fallen asleep while messaging and did not have any suicidal thoughts.

Aug. 20

n A man called police after finding “Cop” spray-painted across his front door. The man lives near a police officer and it is likely the suspect had intended the graffiti for the officer’s house but got the wrong house. Other reports of similar criminal mischief with spray paint were reported in the area. 

n Police responded to a domestic disturbance between two people who had recently met at a clean and sober house. The man planned to leave town the following morning.

n Officers along with children’s services checked on a child with a swelling facial injury. Upon further investigation, they determined the injury was actually a spider bite.

Aug. 21

n A woman was transported to the hospital after attempting suicide with heroin and alcohol.

n Police responded to a domestic disturbance and arrested a woman after she assaulted her mother and an acquaintance with a claw hammer and broom handle.

n A woman called after her ex-boyfriend refused to leave her apartment. He changed his mind and willingly left when police arrived.


Aug. 22

n A woman on Beaver Way reported that her purse was stolen from her unlocked vehicle.

n A resident running a garage sale called police after finding someone used a counterfeit $5 bill to buy items.

n Police checked Taylor Way after an individual was observed pushing a camper into the bushes, appearing to make camp. Officers found a man at the camp and arrested him on an outstanding warrant.

Aug. 23

n A woman called to get information about having roosters within the city limits.

n A man passed a $20 counterfeit bill at Goodwill.

n Police responded to a report of a vehicle running into a building near 24th Avenue and Yew Street. The driver fled the area. A check at the registered owner’s address revealed their son was borrowing the car. The son later called in to report the vehicle “stolen.” He had been drinking and was cited for minor in possession by consumption. The investigation is continuing.

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