What have the Forest Grove Police Department officers been up to June 4 to June 10? Read all about it in this week's police log

June 4

- Officers checked on a woman who was seen throwing her clothing around, tying objects to a porta-potty, and engaged in a heated discussion with a tree. The woman stated she was simply on her way to a friend's house and did not need police assistance.

- A local plumber asked police how to dispose of a microscale used for measuring drugs he found while unclogging a toilet.

- Forest Grove officers were called to assist Cornelius police in diffusing an altercation between parents of opposing players during a youth soccer match. The matter had been resolved upon the officer's arrival.

June 5

- A woman was seen embroiled in a verbal altercation with two men on the street corner. The woman told police she was, for reasons unknown, only "pretending" to start a fight with patrons. She moved along without incident.

- Police investigated damage to a women's bathroom at a city park that appeared to have been a small fire caused by lit rolls of toilet paper.

- Police are investigating after a child apparently consumed a marijuana-laced chocolate bar.

June 6

- A man asked police for assistance in locating his wife who had gotten out of and walked away from their vehicle after an argument. The woman was found in the area, told police she didn't want to deal with her husband, and called a friend to pick her up.

- Police received information that a subject in Portland was impersonating a firefighter, specifically identifying himself as the "Fire Chief of Forest Grove" in an attempt to obtain sexual favors. It is not clear if the suspect has achieved any success with the ruse.

June 7

- A boy was reported missing from his grandmother's backyard. Shortly afterward, a motorist called about a child of similar description running down a busy road. The child was located and returned to his family.

- A teenager requested an officer come to his apartment and take him to juvenile detention because he sold 'dabs' of cannabis to other teens. Officers seized evidence of the drugs and referred the incident to the juvenile department. The boy remained in the custody of his parents.

- Officers were called to a scene of a reported assault. Upon arrival, they learned the alleged injury happened during a game of basketball and was, in fact, an accident.

June 8

- A caller complained that their neighbor had thrown a beer bottle onto their property. Before officers were able to launch their investigation, the caller reported that the neighbor picked up the thrown bottle.

- Police responded to a local fast-food establishment where an angry patron was spraying the area with soda and attempting to tear down the drive-thru menu and speaker. The man was uncooperative, hostile, and resisted arrest by officers, but was ultimately taken into custody.

- A man was arrested for allegedly detonating a bomb at a residence where his estranged wife had been sleeping along with a male acquaintance.

June 9

- A woman reported that her son stole her fishing poles.

- An officer wheeled an elderly man back to his residence at an assisted living center after a caller reported the man was confused and didn't know where he lived.

- Police contacted a man acting suspiciously near the Grand Lodge. The man was convinced that there were bodies somewhere on the property.

June 10

- A caller reported a man walking around yelling, flailing his arms and kneeling near the roadway. The caller thought the subject might be about to harm himself by the way he was acting. Police contacted the man who explained he was just on the phone with an ex-girlfriend.

- An anonymous caller reported several teenagers possibly drinking alcohol at an apartment. An officer located the teenagers who all were sober and just having a good time.

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