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Police log

Sept. 13

- A Forest Grove Police Department officer responded as the first unit on scene of a cardiac arrest outside the city limits. The officer shocked the patient using an automatic external defibrillator before paramedics arrived and performed CPR. At last check the patient had survived and was in recovery. FGPD assisted with CPR in another medical emergency on this same date in town.

- A man found a Chihuahua on Highway 47. Police were unable to find the dog’s owner and transported it to Bonnie Hayes Small Animal Shelter.

- Police placed two people in protective custody and assisted in transporting them to the hospital in separate incidents following a suicide attempt and suicidal statements.   


Sept. 14

- A resident reported that an unknown suspect dug up garlic from their back yard garden.

- A citizen reported a toxic smell in the air around his home. Officers did not locate a source.

- While handing a call for service, a parrot jumped on the back of an officer. Rather than respond with force, the officer made a friend. 


Sept. 15

- A woman reported that her ex-boyfriend would not stop texting her.

- The Forest Grove Police Department was notified by a sheriff’s office in Michigan that a firearm stolen from the Bi-Mart in Forest Grove back in 1987 was located. The firearm is being shipped back to Forest Grove.

- People at a local establishment called police after a man who was possibly on drugs walked inside and started making people uncomfortable. Police contacted the man, who identified himself as “Forrest Gump.” Police identified the man and told him he was never to return to the establishment. He was also banned from several other downtown businesses.


Sept. 16

- A citizen called to inquire as to whether there had ever been a homicide at their residence and what the required clean-up steps were.

- Police responded to a domestic dispute about property.

- Officers responded to an alarm at a local business with a subject observed on video. The subject turned out to be a customer still in the store after hours.


Sept. 17

- A citizen reported to police that his “diecast” cars had been moved and that the

tint on his television had been altered by an unknown subject.

- A citizen called police to see if it was legal to drive with an arm sling.

- A man reported that he had been assaulted by his son.


Sept. 18

- Police assisted the fire department on a water problem and broken pipe after it was determined the water pipe was damaged by a bullet from an accidental firearm discharge. 

- Police were called after a teenager became extremely upset and began throwing things after a cell phone was taken away.

- A man reported that a woman broke his things and threw bricks at him.


Sept. 19

- A child was taken into protective custody after threatening to kill his mother with a screwdriver.

- A citizen reported that someone placed a paper towel over their car battery in an attempt to start a fire while they were in jail. Police determined no crime had been committed.

- A local fast food establishment called after a woman became extremely irate after being told she had to wear shoes inside the establishment.