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Forest Grove police log

May 1

- Police responded to one domestic disturbance about food and a separate disturbance about using a bowl to give water to a dog.

- A concerned mother called after her son became lethargic and started slurring his speech. The man reportedly had smoked a large amount of marijuana. He was transported to the hospital.

- A woman was lodged at the Washington County Jail after she refused to participate in field sobriety tests and refused to give a breath sample after her arrest for DUII.

May 2

- A caller reported finding a water bottle with yellow fluid in it and thought it might be a possible Drano bomb. Officer found the bottle contained water and discarded cigarettes.

- Police responded to a disturbance between a son and father about a cell phone.

- A man called for medical assistance after feeling an irregular heart rhythm. The man insisted on a ride to Providence St. Vincent but was not cooperative and refused an assessment, insisting he only wanted a ride. The man was left alone after he refused all other services.

May 3

- A resident reported the theft of a pot plant from their yard.

- A citizen contacted police for advice on putting things in the roadway to slow speeders. Officers advised he not do that.

- A caller reported unknown suspects were on his roof. Police arrived and found masked trespassers on the roof — two raccoons.

May 4

- A woman called police to report that her husband was cold to the touch and likely deceased. Officers arrived and found the husband intoxicated and asleep. The woman had also been drinking.

- A woman was banned from returning to a local establishment after she removed a gutter downspout from the structure.

- Officers assisted Washington County Sheriff's Office deputies in Gaston on a call about a subject wanting to commit suicide. Deputies took the subject into protective custody.

May 5

- A man reported that his son sent money to another country in order to receive a government grant and was now out the money after learning it was a scam.

- A caller reported he was lost and intoxicated. Having recently moved from out of state, he did not know how to get home. An officer found the man's home and gave him a courtesy ride.

- A caller reported a subject on a bike wearing a surgeon's mask crashed into a parked car. Someone ran to help the subject then yelled "He's got a gun!" Police were unable to find anyone matching the description.

May 6

- A caller reported a male in front of a location urinating in a bag. The caller then said the man started urinating on the sidewalk and wanted to know how to go about cleaning it up.

- A man reported the theft of his phone, social security card, passport, truck keys and title. The suspect is his ex-wife.

- A resident called police after an intoxicated female wearing only a shirt was knocking at his front door. Police learned the woman was trying to get into the wrong house and helped her find the correct house. Police were later called back to the same address after a man without shoes was now knocking at the door. Police learned the man was looking for his wife and had so far only found her pants and underwear. The man was given a courtesy ride home, where spouses and clothing were reunited.

May 7

- Police responded to several reports of vehicle side mirrors broken. Blood was found on one of the mirrors. An officer followed a blood trail from that location and located a man with a hand injury. The man admitted to getting angry and breaking car mirrors. He was arrested on multiple counts of vandalism.

- A woman camping near Safeway was asked to move along.

- A man wanted on felony warrants in a car with switched plates was found on Forest Gale Drive and arrested.