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Forest Grove police log

March 13

- A crisis center requested that officers check on a man who stated he was going to drink and then cut out his own tumor. The man appeared OK but refused to speak with officers.

- A local pizza delivery driver called police after going to a residence and finding only a 3-year-old at the door to accept the pizza. Officers confirmed an adult present who didn't realize someone had come to the door.  

- Police responded to a report of an intoxicated man entering the wrong residence. He was about three doors off with his navigation. 


March 14

- Detectives completed a courtesy interview and report for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police after a local woman reported a sexual assault in Canada from years ago.

- A woman withdrew $5,000 from her account and attempted to wire it after getting a phone call threatening arrest. Fortunately the store clerk recognized it as a scam and stopped her from making the transaction.

- A caller reported seeing a car drive around the barricades and into the water on

Fernhill Road and was sinking. Police and fire crews rsponded and checked the area from land and by boat. They didn't locate a car.

March 15

- A caller reported a woman yelling for no reason in front of the Dollar Tree store. Officers arrived and confirmed a woman was in fact yelling for no discernable reason. She was told to stop and move along.

- A caller reported a possible drunk driver swerving back and forth and repeatedly turning around in the road. Officers located the vehicle and learned it was

the newspaper delivery driver. 

- A local business called after a woman in apparent distress showed up at the front desk and asked for police. The woman stated she had a restraining order and started talking about preschool, passwords and other random things. Officers determined the woman was suffering from mental health issues and officers provided a trip to the hospital on a voluntary committal. 

March 16

- Police were called to check on a man screaming about the government and hitting cars as he walked by. The man was told to quiet down and stop hitting cars.

- Police checked out a residence after receiving a report from children's services that there was no food in the home. Officers found two refrigerators and a pantry full of food.

- Officers checked for a man walking down the street yelling at passing vehicles and waving arms around like he was about to fight with someone. They were unable to find him.

March 17

- A man called seeking advice on behalf of his ex-wife who was reportedly getting threatening messages from her boyfriend. The man was told his ex-wife should call if she felt threatened.

- A heavily intoxicated man called 911, asking for help finding a shelter. Police contacted the man and warned him about calling 911 for non-emergency inci-dents. He was given a ride to his mother's home.

- Police were called to ask a transient to leave a local laundromat.

March 18

- Police were called to remove two transients from the upstairs hallway of a building. They were later called to a separate location to remove another transient sleeping in

the upstairs of an apartment complex.

- A woman reported that her boyfriend stole her Taser.

n A caller reported that a vehicle sitting in her neighbor's yard might violate city ordinances. She did not want an officer to contact the neighbor, however, for fear that he might look intimidating. No contact was necessary as the vehicle appeared to be in compliance.

March 19

- A caller reported his neighbor's dog was defecating in his yard. Police contacted the neighbor, who agreed to clean it up.  

- A man called police after someone hit his car in a parking lot and left on Highway 47 toward Gaston. Police caught up to the vehicle and arrested the driver for hit and run and DUII.

- A man reported that his girlfriend hit his beer bottle while he was taking a drink and hurt his teeth. The girlfriend explained they were lying in bed together and that she only accidently bumped the bottle. The man was not happy with the services the police provided and threatened to commit a crime so he could go to jail. Officers explained this would not change anything except where

the man would spend the night.